Site Support Services- Canadian Forces military base, 5 Wing, Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador (W6369-170006/B)

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2020/08/06 14:00 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)


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Newfoundland and Labrador
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Request for Proposal (RFP)
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  • Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA)
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Conditional Canadian content
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Public Works and Government Services Canada
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Public Works and Government Services Canada

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Yves, Henry
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2720 Riverside Drive
Ottawa  ON
K1A 0S5

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Site Support Services

There will an optional site visit in Goose Bay on March 12th, 2020.

The Department of National Defence (DND) is a key federal department with more than 100,000 employees located at sites throughout Canada and abroad. The mission of DND and the Canadian Forces is to defend Canada, its interests and its values, while contributing to international peace and security.

5 Wing Goose Bay reports to 1 Canadian Air Division (1 Cdn Air Div) and supports North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD) operations for the projection of air power on the north and northeast coasts of Canada. 5 Wing also conducts and supports a wide variety of operations, including both joint and combined training for the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), our Allies and NORAD. The base is self-sustaining in the functions of transportation, accommodation, supply, maintenance and food services. The base is responsible for the maintenance of ranges, training facilities and training areas within its confines, capabilities and mandate, in order to provide administrative and training support to units using the facility. Training support includes vehicles, equipment and training areas for individual and collective training.

The roles of 5 Wing include:

  • Supporting NORAD Deployed Operations;
  • Supporting Joint Task Force Atlantic – JTF (A);
  • Supporting CF operations and training as well as Foreign Military Training;
  • Operating the Goose Bay airfield in support of civil aviation;
  • Secondary Search and Rescue (SAR); and
  • Supporting other operations as required.

The operation and maintenance of the Site Support Services to be provided by the contractor may include, but is NOT limited to:

a. all equipment and systems supporting airfield services;

b. aviation weather, transient, and communications services;

c. operation of the front desk responsible to receiving military units and other visitors to the base;

d. housekeeping and janitorial services;

e. accommodation planning and food services for all full and part-time residents;

f. supply functions;

g. commercial and mail transportation services;

h. emergency and security services;

i. potable water and sanitary collection systems;

j. heat plant operation;

k. electrical and engine-generator unit maintenance;

l. solid waste collection and disposal;

m. infrastructure management including building and grounds maintenance;

n. fire prevention;

o. management of the telecommunication and information systems; and

p. hazardous materials management.

Only one (1) contract will be awarded initially for 10 years and with the potential to be extended. The Contract extensions may be exercised as two (2), five (5) year irrevocable option periods.

There are security requirements associated with this requirement. For additional information, consult Part 6 - Security, Financial and Other Requirements, and Part 7 - Resulting Contract Clauses. For more information on personnel and organization security screening or security clauses, bidders should refer to the Industrial Security Program (ISP) of Public Works and Government Services Canada ( website.

The requirement is subject to the provisions of the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA).

The requirement is subject to a preference for Canadian goods and/or services.

This procurement is subject to the Controlled Goods Program. The Defence Production Act defines Canadian Controlled Goods as certain goods listed in Canada’s Export Control List, a regulation made pursuant to the Export and Import Permits Act (EIPA).

There is an optional site visit associated with this requirement. Consult Part 2 – Bidder Instructions.

The Federal Contractors Program (FCP) for employment equity applies to this procurement; see Part 5 - Certifications, Part 7 - Resulting Contract Clauses and the Annex titled Federal Contractors Program for Employment Equity - Certification.

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If you need help understanding the federal procurement process or registering as a supplier, contact the Office of Small and Medium Enterprises. We have a network of offices across Canada.

Solicitation Documents

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dds_w6369-170006_b_-_goose_bay_sans_edt.pdf000French- 2020-02-25
rfp_w6369-170006_b_-_goose_bay_no_sow.pdf000English- 2020-02-25
ddp_w6369-170006_b_modif._001.pdf001French- 2020-02-26
rfp_w6369-170006_b_amd_001.pdf001English- 2020-02-26
ddp_w6369-170006_b_modif._002.pdf002French- 2020-03-06
rfp_w6369-170006_b_amd_002.pdf002English- 2020-03-06
ddp_w6369-170006_b_modif._002.pdf003French- 2020-03-06
rfp_w6369-170006_b_amd_002.pdf003English- 2020-03-06
ddp_w6369-170006_b_modif._003.pdf004French- 2020-03-24
rfp_w6369-170006_b_amd_003.pdf004English- 2020-03-24
ddp_w6369-170006_b_modif_004.pdf005French- 2020-04-22
rfp_w6369-170006_b_amd_004.pdf005English- 2020-04-22
ddp_w6369-170006_b_modif_005.pdf006French- 2020-04-22
rfp_w6369-170006_b_amd_005.pdf006English- 2020-04-22
ddp_w6369-170006_b_mod._006.pdf007French- 2020-05-19
rfp_w6369-170006_b_amd_006.pdf007English- 2020-05-19
ddp_w6369-170006_b_modif_007.pdf008French- 2020-05-21
rfp_w6369-170006_b_amd_007.pdf008English- 2020-05-21
ddp_w6369-170006_b_mod._008.pdf009French- 2020-06-19
rfp_w6369-170006_b_amd_008.pdf009English- 2020-06-19
ddp_w6369-170006_b_mod._009.pdf010French- 2020-07-02
rfp_w6369-170006_b_amd_009.pdf010English- 2020-07-02
ddp_w6369-170006_b_mod._010.pdf011French- 2020-07-09
rfp_w6369-170006_b_amd_010.pdf011English- 2020-07-09
ddp_w6369-170006_b_mod_011.pdf012French- 2020-07-13
rfp_w6369-170006_b_amd_011.pdf012English- 2020-07-13
ddp_w6369-170006_b_mod_012.pdf013French- 2020-07-15
rfp_w6369-170006_b_amd_012.pdf013English- 2020-07-15


FileAmendment numberLanguageUnique Download Event (English page)Date added
annex_n_-_progress_payment_claim_form.pdfNot availableBilingual- 2020-02-25
edt_-_w6369-170006_b_-_goose_bay_services_de_soutien_sur_place.pdfNot availableFrench- 2020-02-25
gfa_table.docxNot availableEnglish- 2020-02-25
sow_-_w6369-170006_b_-_goose_bay_site_support_services.pdfNot availableEnglish- 2020-02-25
tableau_ifg.docxNot availableFrench- 2020-02-25
goose_bay_annex_i_financial_evaluation.xlsxNot availableEnglish- 2020-02-26
goose_bay_annexe_i_evaluation_financiere.xlsxNot availableFrench- 2020-02-26
gfa_table_rev1.pdfNot availableEnglish- 2020-03-06
gfa_table_rev1.pdfNot availableEnglish- 2020-03-06
goose_bay_annex_i_financial_evaluation_rev_1.xlsxNot availableBilingual- 2020-03-06
goose_bay_annex_i_financial_evaluation_rev_1.xlsxNot availableBilingual- 2020-03-06
goose_bay_annex_i_financial_evaluation_rev_1.xlsxNot availableEnglish- 2020-03-06
goose_bay_annexe_i_evaluation_financiere_rev_1.xlsxNot availableFrench- 2020-03-06
goose_bay_annexe_i_evaluation_financiere_rev_1.xlsxNot availableFrench- 2020-03-06
tableau_ifg_rev1.pdfNot availableFrench- 2020-03-06
tableau_ifg_rev1.pdfNot availableFrench- 2020-03-06
gfa_table_rev2.pdfNot availableEnglish- 2020-04-22
goose_bay_annex_i_financial_evaluation_rev_2.xlsxNot availableEnglish- 2020-04-22
goose_bay_annexe_i_evaluation_financiere_rev_2.xlsxNot availableFrench- 2020-04-22
tableau_ifg_rev2.pdfNot availableEnglish- 2020-04-22
goose_bay_annex_i_financial_evaluation_rev_3.xlsxNot availableEnglish- 2020-05-19
goose_bay_annexe_i_evaluation_financiere_rev_3.xlsxNot availableFrench- 2020-05-19
goose_bay_annex_i_financial_evaluation_rev_4.xlsxNot availableEnglish- 2020-06-19
goose_bay_annexe_i_evaluation_financiere_rev_4.xlsxNot availableFrench- 2020-06-19
goose_bay_annex_i_financial_evaluation_rev_5.xlsxNot availableEnglish- 2020-07-02
goose_bay_annexe_i_evaluation_financiere_rev_5.xlsxNot availableFrench- 2020-07-02
goose_bay_annex_i_financial_evaluation_rev_6.xlsxNot availableEnglish- 2020-07-09
goose_bay_annexe_i_evaluation_financiere_rev_6.xlsxNot availableFrench- 2020-07-09
goose_bay_annex_i_financial_evaluation_rev_7.xlsxNot availableEnglish- 2020-07-15
goose_bay_annexe_i_evaluation_financiere_rev_7.xlsxNot availableFrench- 2020-07-15

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