Letter of interest for the replacement of Private Branch Exchange (W3330-19-018)

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2018/08/24 14:00 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)


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Letter of Interest (LOI)/Request for Information (RFI)
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Department of National Defence
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Department of National Defence

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Rashid, Jawwad
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Letter of Interest (LOI)

Title: Deployed Operations Private Branch Exchange Replacement

1.Background and Purpose of this Letter of Interest (LOI)

The purpose of this Letter of Interest (LOI) is to obtain information before finalizing the requirements definition and procurement strategy for the Deployed Operations Private Branch Exchange Replacement.

The Department of National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces (DND/CAF) is informing the Telecommunication Sector with respect to the Government of Canada’s intention to proceed with the replacement of the Deployed Operations Private Branch Exchange Replacement by DND/CAF in Canada.

This is a critical life-cycle replacement that must proceed this year. Internal engineering, testing and system design over the last year has identified need for a viable replacement for the CS1000E Rel 5.0 DSN Private Branch Exchange (PBX) equipment.

The objectives of this LOI are as follows:

·To inform the Telecommunication Sector of the requirement for the Deployed Operations Private Branch Exchange Replacement via the Letter of Interest (LOI).
·To inform the Telecommunication Sector of the preliminary list of technologies and protocols being considered by DND/CAF as part of a potential RFP.
·To enable DND/CAF to collect information and factors of other technologies or equipment that could be considered for the Deployed Operations Private Branch Exchange Replacement as described in the description of the Scope of Work of this LOI.

This LOI is neither a call for tender nor a Request for Proposal (RFP). No agreement or contract will be entered into based on this LOI. The issuance of this LOI is not to be considered in any way a commitment by the Government of Canada, nor as authority to potential respondents to undertake any work that could be charged to Canada. This LOI is not to be considered as a commitment to issue a subsequent solicitation or award contract(s) for the work described herein.

Although the information collected may be provided as commercial-in-confidence (and, if identified as such, will be treated accordingly by Canada), Canada may use the information to assist in drafting performance specifications (which are subject to change) and for budgetary purposes.

Respondents are encouraged to identify, in the information they share with Canada, any information that they feel is proprietary, third party or personal information. Please note that Canada may be obligated by law (e.g. in response to a request under the Access of Information and Privacy Act) to disclose proprietary or commercially-sensitive information concerning a respondent (for more information: http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/acts/a-1/).

Respondents are asked to identify if their response, or any part of their response, is subject to the

Controlled Goods Regulations.

Participation in this LOI is encouraged, but is not mandatory. There will be no short-listing of potential suppliers for the purposes of undertaking any future work as a result of this LOI. Similarly, participation in this LOI is not a condition or prerequisite for the participation in any potential subsequent solicitation.

Respondents will not be reimbursed for any cost incurred by participating in this LOI.


The Department of National Defence located in Ottawa (Ontario), has identified technologies, protocols and requirements that it has classified as mandatory in connection with possible opportunities for participation in national or international telecommunication requirements of interest to Canada. This LOI will reduce technical uncertainties and contribute to the decision-making process for potential participation that are of interest for Canada.

3.Potential Work Scope and Constraints

As part of its technology development planning, DND/CAF has established technology development priorities and now plans to solicit the Canadian Telecommunication Sector in the advancement of these priority technologies.

It is important to note that these priorities and descriptions may be subject to change prior to the official publication of the RFP, if necessary. We consider that, according to the availability of funds, the resulting list of technologies that will be part of the RFP, if applicable, will likely be a subset of the Preliminary List of Priority Technologies presented in Appendix A.

Respondents are asked to provide their comments on the information contained in this LOI and its Appendix A.

Responses will not be submitted to a formal assessment. However, they could be used in the preparation of a potential RFP. No additional exchange on the subjects raised should be expected, though clarification may be requested as needed.

Respondents must take care to:

1. Provide the contact details of a resource person;
2. Identify the technology, equipment and protocols to which the response refers, if applicable;
3. Provide responses for each technology, equipment and protocols separately.

4.Trade Agreements, and Government Policies:

Trade Agreements, and Government Policies that could impact a potential RFP:

  1. Trade agreements do not apply;
  2. The Canadian Content Policy applies;
  3. The Controlled Goods Program may apply;
  4. The Federal Contractors Program for Employment Equity (FCPEE) applies;
  5. The Comprehensive Land Claims Agreements (CLCA) do not apply.

5.Important Notes to Respondents:

Interested Respondents may submit their responses to the DND/CAF Contact Person identified below preferably via email: however, paper versions will also be considered.

Attention: Jawwad Rashid

Email: IMBIDS.OFFRESGI@forces.gc.ca

6.Closing date for the LOI

Responses to this LOI should be received no later than August 24, 2018.

The LOI closing date is the deadline to ensure that the comments received can be processed. Comments will be accepted until the RFP is published (where relevant); however, due to the posting date planned for this RFP, it is possible that the late comments may not be fully considered.

Request for Appendix A must be made through the email below:

Email: IMBIDS.OFFRESGI@forces.gc.ca

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