Site Support Services- 4th Canadian Division Training Centre (4 CDTC) Meaford, Ontario (W6369-170008/A)

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1 month 1 week hence


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2019/06/03 14:00 Eastern Standard Time (EST)


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Letter of Interest (LOI)/Request for Information (RFI)
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  • Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT)
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Public Works and Government Services Canada
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Public Works and Government Services Canada

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Murphy, Heather
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2720 Riverside Drive
Ottawa  ON
K1A 0S5

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Amendment 009

The purpose of this amendment is to:

-Post the Summary of Feedback and Outcomes from Industry Engagement Week;

- Post the Historical Values from Fiscal years 16-17 and 17-18.

*Please see attachments for both documents

-Inform Industry that the Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) list; the current Contract, and current Statement of Work (SOW) are available upon request from the Contracting Authority.


Amendment 008

The purpose of this amendment is to:

- Post information regarding the optional site tour at 4 CDTC-Meaford on April 17, 2019;

- Inform industry that questions and answers from Industry will be posted shortly.

Please see the attachments for information.


Amendment 007

The purpose of this amendment is to post the Performance Management Framework.


Amendment 006

The purpose of this amendment is to post the presentation from Industry Engagement Day. Please see the attachments for information.


Amendment 005

The purpose of this amendment is to answer questions posed by bidders. Please see the attachments for information.


Amendment 004

The purpose of this amendment is to post the Summary of feedback from the RFI process. Please see the attachments for information.


Amendment 003

The purpose of this amendment is to add the draft Request for Proposals


Amendment 002

The purpose of this amendment is to distribute information regarding the Industry Engagement Day and one-on-one meetings. Please see the attachments for information.


Amendment 001

The purpose of this amendment is to:

  1. Section A: Answer questions posed by bidders
  2. Section B: Modify the body of the RFI


  1. Request for Information

This pre-solicitation announcement is part of an Industry Engagement process by which Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) is requesting Industry feedback to assist with the reformulation of the Site Support Services requirement for the 4th Canadian Division Training Centre (4 CDTC) located in Meaford, Ontario, on behalf of the Department of National Defence (DND).

The objective of this Request for Information (RFI) is to solicit relevant feedback that could enable effective and economical sustainment of the delivery of the required Site Support Services at 4 CDTC Meaford.

PSPC intends to issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) on behalf of DND in spring 2019.

In advance of the RFP, PSPC is seeking information and feedback from industry, on their interest, capacity and ability to provide site support services as described in the RFI and the subsequent draft RFP to be posted fall 2018. Feedback is also being solicited regarding the procurement approach and methodology.

The RFI provides instructions for industry who are interested in participating in this engagement process. Participation in the engagement process is not a requirement to submit a proposal to the upcoming RFP.

2. Proposed Engagement Process

Engagement Strategy

Four phases are planned for the Industry Engagement process. However, as the process evolves, additional activities could be incorporated into the engagement schedule or engagement phases may be combined, modified, or eliminated depending on timelines and feedback from industry.

Please note that participation in any of the Engagement activities is not a mandatory requirement for eventual submission of a bid; industry representatives that do not participate in the Engagement process will remain eligible to submit a bid in response to any future RFP.

Engagement Phase 1

Request for Information – This RFI is being posted on to allow for industry to review the requirement and provide feedback. The responses received will be used to assist Canada in finalizing the requirement and in developing achievable objectives and deliverables.

Engagement Phase 2

Draft Request for Proposal-A Draft RFP is anticipated to be posted on fall 2018. Industry will have the opportunity to review and provide comments on the Draft RFP including the SOW.

Engagement Phase 3

Industry Engagement Information Session- The session will be held in the National Capital Region (NCR) during the winter of 2019. The event will include a presentation by DND and PSPC on the draft RFP as well as individual one-on-one sessions. Additional details on this event will be posted on

Engagement Phase 4

Summary of feedback-The summary of feedback report is anticipated to be on winter 2019. This document will provide the feedback and outcomes from the Industry Engagement Process, including one-on-one meetings, related to the RFI and the outcomes on the draft RFP.

3. Enquiries

All enquiries and other communications related to this RFI and associated Industry Engagement activities are to be directed to:

Heather Murphy

Supply Team Leader

Real Property Services Management Contracting Directorate (RPSMCD)

Public Services and Procurement Canada

Government of Canada

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Government of Canada (GC) tender notices and awards, solicitation documents and tender attachments are available free of charge and without registration on, the authoritative location for GC tenders.

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Solicitation Documents

FileAmendment numberLanguageUnique Download Event (English page)Date added
ddr_service_de_sourtien_sur_place-meaford.pdf000French- 2018-08-21
rfi-meaford_site_support_services.pdf000English- 2018-08-21
amd_001_rfi_site_support_services_meaford_4cdtc.pdf001English- 2018-10-30
mod_001_ddr_service_de_soutien_sur_place_meaford.pdf001French- 2018-10-30
draft_rfp-4_cdtc_meaford_site_support_services.pdf002English- 2018-12-19
ebauche_dp-service_de_soutiens_ci_4_div_c_meaford.pdf002French- 2018-12-19
cadre_de_mesure_du_rendement.pdf003French- 2019-01-31
performance_management_framework.pdf003English- 2019-01-31


FileAmendment numberLanguageUnique Download Event (English page)Date added
consultation_de_lindustrie-_services_de_soutien_sur_place_a_meaford_centre_dinstruction_de_la_4e_division_du_canada.pdfNot availableFrench- 2018-12-14
industry_engagement-department_of_national_defence_-_4th_canadian_division_training_centre_meaford_site_support_services.pdfNot availableEnglish- 2018-12-14
resume_de_la_retroaction_et_des_conclusions-services_de_soutien_sur_place_a_meaford.pdfNot availableFrench- 2019-01-10
summary_of_feedback_and_outcomes_4th_canadian_division_training_centre_meaford_site_support_services.pdfNot availableEnglish- 2019-01-10
amendment_005.pdfNot availableEnglish- 2019-01-14
modification_005.pdfNot availableFrench- 2019-01-14
industry_day_presentation-meaford.pdfNot availableEnglish- 2019-01-23
journee_de_consultation_de_lindustrie-_meaford.pdfNot availableFrench- 2019-01-23
optional_site_tour-april_17.pdfNot availableEnglish- 2019-03-20
visite_facultative_des_lieux-_17_avril.pdfNot availableFrench- 2019-03-20
consultation_de_lindustrie_-_etape_4_resume_de_la_retroaction_et_des_conclusions.pdfNot availableFrench- 2019-04-05
eq_history_fy_16_to_17.pdfNot availableEnglish- 2019-04-05
eq_history_fy_17_to_18.pdfNot availableEnglish- 2019-04-05
industry_engagement_phase_4-_summary_of_feedback_and_outcomes.pdfNot availableEnglish- 2019-04-05
quantite_estimee_historique_16-17.pdfNot availableFrench- 2019-04-05
quantite_estimee_historique_17-18.pdfNot availableFrench- 2019-04-05