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Department of National Defence

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Evans, Ian
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45 Boulevard Sacré-Coeur
Gatineau, QC 
J8X 1C6

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W8476-175570/B replaces W8476-177570/A and now supersedes it.

The Department of National Defence has a requirement for the supply of Ammunition Pouches as follow:

  • Qty 632 Single Mag pouch .50 with optional quantities up to qty 760.
  • Qty 632 Double Mag pouch .50 with optional quantities up to qty 760.,
  • Qty 632 Single Mag pouch .338 with optional quantities up to qty 760.; and
  • Qty 632 Double Mag pouch .338 with optional quantities up to qty 760.

The products must attach to the in-service Close Combat Modular Fighting Rig – Sniper (CCMFR-S) or any other load carrying equipment using Pouch Attahment Ladder System (PALS), and must meet all criteria as described within Annex B and B-1 of this solicitation package.

The requirement is subject to a preference for Canadian goods and/or services.

The Crown retains the rights to negotiate with suppliers on any procurement.

Documents may be submitted in either official language of Canada.

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english_-_annex_b_-_sow_-_w8476-175570_b.pdf001English- 2017-03-14
french_-_annex_b_-_sow_-_w8476-1775570_b.pdf001French- 2017-03-14
e-fr_-_annex_c_-_cftpo.pdf002English- 2017-03-14
e-fr_-_annex_c_-_cftpo.pdf002French- 2017-03-14
english_-_appendix_1-4_of_annex_g_-_workbook.pdf003English- 2017-03-14
french_-_appendix_1-4_of_annex_g_-_workbook.pdf003French- 2017-03-14
english_-_annex_g_-_bidder_evaluation_process_and_instructions_-_w8476-175570_b.pdf004English- 2017-03-14
french_-_annex_g_-_bidder_evaluation_process_and_instructions_-_w8476-175570_b.pdf004French- 2017-03-14
e-fr_-_annex_f_-_d-lm-008-002_sf-001.pdf005English- 2017-03-14
e-fr_-_annex_f_-_d-lm-008-002_sf-001.pdf005French- 2017-03-14
e-fr_-_annex_e_-_d-lm-008-036_sf-000.pdf006English- 2017-03-14
e-fr_-_annex_e_-_d-lm-008-036_sf-000.pdf006French- 2017-03-14
e-fr_-_annex_d_-_label_spec.pdf007English- 2017-03-14
e-fr_-_annex_d_-_label_spec.pdf007French- 2017-03-14
english_-_appendix_1_to_annex_b_-_specification.pdf008English- 2017-03-14
french_-_appendix_1_to_annex_b_-_specification_-_w8476-175570_b.pdf008French- 2017-03-14
eng_rfp_amendment_01_-_w8476-175570_b.pdf009English- 2017-03-20
fr_rfp_amendment_01_-_w8476-175570_b.pdf009French- 2017-03-20
eng_rfp_amendment_02_-_w8476-175570_b.pdf010English- 2017-03-30
fr_rfp_amendment_02_-_w8476-175570_b.pdf010French- 2017-03-30
e-_appendix_1_to_annex_b_-_specification-_amendment_2_doc.pdf011English- 2017-03-30
fr_-_appendix_1_to_annex_b_-_w8476-175570_-_amendment_2_doc.pdf011French- 2017-03-30
eng_rfp_amendment_03_-_w8476-175570_b.pdf012English- 2017-04-07
fr_rfp_amendment_03_-_w8476-175570_b.pdf012French- 2017-04-07
eng_rfp_amendment_04_-_w8476-175570_b.pdf013English- 2017-04-11
fr_rfp_amendment_04_-_w8476-175570_b.pdf013French- 2017-04-11
eng_rfp_amendment_05_-_w8476-175570_b.pdf014English- 2017-04-13
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