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  • GCTender Notice Third Party Logistics Services (08281-200481/A)
    Publishing status
    Publication date
    Amendment date
    Date closing
    2021-03-25 14:00 Eastern Standard Time (EST)
    GSIN description
    V401IC: Transportation Service - Armoured Vehicles
    Notice type
    Notice of Proposed Procurement (NPP)
    Procurement entity
    Public Works and Government Services Canada
    Region of delivery
  • GCTender Notice Secure Armoured Car Services – Lake Louise, Yoho and Kootenay National Parks (5P420-19-0438/A)
    Publishing status
    Publication date
    Amendment date
    Date closing
    2020-05-20 14:00 Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)
    GSIN description
    V401IC: Transportation Service - Armoured Vehicles
    Notice type
    Request for Proposal (RFP)
    Procurement entity
    Parks Canada
    Region of opportunity
    Alberta, British Columbia
    Region of delivery
    Alberta, British Columbia
  • GCTender Notice Transport and Destruction of armoured vehicle located in Pakistan (20-163904/A)
    Publishing status
    Publication date
    Amendment date
    Date closing
    2019-12-10 14:00 Eastern Standard Time (EST)
    GSIN description
    V401IC: Transportation Service - Armoured Vehicles
    5112B: Demolition Work
    Notice type
    Request for Proposal (RFP)
    Procurement entity
    Foreign Affairs, Trade And Development (Department Of)
    Region of opportunity
    Region of delivery
  • GCTender Notice Designing a Modern Fair Wages Policy for the Government of Canada (EN578-18-Fairwages/A)
    Publishing status
    Publication date
    Amendment date
    Date closing
    2018-12-14 23:59 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)
    GSIN description
    G001A: Nursing Care Services
    G001C: Pharmaceutical Services
    G009B: Optical Services
    G009D: Health and Allied Services, Not Elsewhere Specified
    G001B: Hospital Care Services
    G009A: Dental Services
    G009DA: Employee Assistance Programs
    G009E: Medical/Dental Clinic Services
    G009F: Medical/Dental Laboratory Services
    G009G: Health and Welfare Services
    G009H: Medical Advisory Services
    G009K: Substance Abuse Counselling
    G009L: Physiotherapy Services
    G009KA: Counselling Services
    G009M: Radiology Services
    G009N: Occupational Therapy
    G009P: Ergonomic Services
    G100A: Funeral Services
    G101A: Chaplain Services Miscellaneous
    G102A: Recreational Services
    G103A: Welfare Services
    G103B: Social Rehabilitation Services for Prisoners
    G199A: Patients' Volunteer Service
    G199D: Consular Social Assistance Services
    G103C: Halfway House Services for Mental Health Patients
    G103D: Mental Health Services
    K000B: Barber and Beauty Shop Services
    K000E: Tailoring Services
    K000ED: Clothing Alterations and Repairs
    K100A: Cleaning and Maintenance, Janitorial
    K100AE: Cleaning Services, Duct-Exhaust System - Light Fixtures
    K100AG: Lighting Maintenance (Washing, Relamping and Repairing Services)
    K100B: Building Services - Handyman Services
    K102A: Meals
    K102B: Food Catering Services
    K104A: Trash/Garbage Collection Services
    K105A: Commercial Security Guard and Related Services
    K106A: Disinfecting and Exterminating
    K106C: Mosquito and other Insect Control
    K105AB: Armoured Car Service
    K107AB: Fireguard Plowing
    K107CC: Soil Sterilization Services
    K107CD: Fertilizer Spreading Services
    K107CE: Soil Analysis Services
    K107DA: Grounds Maintenance
    K108B: Laundry Services
    K108C: Dry Cleaning Services
    K108A: Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services
    K107C: Lawn and Garden Services
    K107A: Landscaping and Horticultural Services
    K106CA: Insect/Rodent Control Services
    K106B: Control of Disease Services (Spraying)
    K105AO: Commissionaire Services
    V001B: Trucking
    V001C: Freight and Cargo Handling Services, Not Elsewhere Specified
    V005A: Motor Passengers, Mail and Merchandise Transportation Service
    V002A: Rail
    V010A: Taxi Services
    V010AA: Taxi Passenger Service
    V001BA: Movers, Furniture and Office Equipment and Storage
    V001A: Freight and Cargo Services
    V001AA: Freight and Cargo Services, Including Marshalling, Packaging, Crating and Storage and Forwarding Services
    V100B: Water Transportation
    V102A: Operation of Ferries
    V103BA: Ship Mooring Services
    V103A: Services Related to Water Transportation
    V101AA: Vessel Charter
    V200A: Air
    V200B: Air Transportation
    V201A: Fixed Wing Aircraft - Airplane Charter
    V201B: Rotary Wing Aircraft - Helicopter Charter
    V201C: Class 9-4: Fixed Wing International Charter Commercial Air Services
    V204A: Air Taxi
    V204E: Services Related to Air Transportation
    V204G: Aerial Control Services
    V204D: Express Messenger Service
    V204H: Aerial Inspection and Reconnaissance Services
    V204J: Air Ambulance Services
    V202A: Passenger Service
    V202BA: Limousine Services
    V204L: Ground Handling Services
    V203A: Aircraft and Glider Dry Leases
    V200C: Air Transportation - Business Travel
    V204N: Air-to-Air Gunnery Towing and Scoring Services
    V204M: Operation, Maintenance and Servicing of Crown Owned or Leased Aircraft
    V204IA: Parachute Operations
    V204I: Flying Training
    V204F: Aerial Application and Distribution Services
    V201D: Class 9-4: Rotating Wing International Charter Commercial Air Services
    V401B: Transportation
    V401C: Bus Services
    V401CA: Bus Passenger Service
    V401CB: Bus, Shuttle Services
    V401F: Search and Rescue Operations
    V401I: Transportation Services, Not Elsewhere Specified
    V401IB: Vehicle Towing Services
    V401IC: Transportation Service - Armoured Vehicles
    V401ID: Transportation Services - Bush
    V401IE: Transportation Services - Hazardous Wastes
    V401J: Transportation and Charters
    V403A: Charters
    V403B: Transportation Services - Helicopter and Aircraft
    V501A: Towing and Tugboat Services
    V502A: Relocation Services
    V503A: Tour Guides
    V503B: Travel Management Services
    V505A: Storage and Warehousing
    V505B: Packaging and Crating
    V506A: Diving and Salvage Services
    V502B: Hotels, Motels and Commercial Accommodation
    V502BA: Hotels, Motels and Boarding Houses
    V502BAA: Hotels, Motels and Boarding Houses with Cooking Facilities
    V502C: Accommodation and Food Services, N.E.S.
    V502CA: Accommodation and/or Food Support Services
    V502BAB: Hotels Motels and Boarding Houses, as Detention Centres
    U001A: Seminars
    U004A: Management Training
    U008D: Conduct of Training
    U009AA: Educational Services - ADP Training
    U009E: Informatics Training
    U010P: Certification and Accreditation - Emergent Care Training
    U099AA: Educational Services - Business Training
    U099BA: Pilot Training Services, Aircraft
    U009B: Computer Assisted Learning
    U099D: Language Training Services
    U099S: Safety Training Courses
    U099T: First Aid Training Courses
    U099M: Personal Health Related Training Courses
    U099Q: Marketing Training Courses
    U008B: Evaluation Design (Training)
    U008C: Training Design
    U008F: Training Analysis and Design Courses
    U008G: Conduct Training for Instructors Courses
    U099U: Career Path Planning Training Courses
    U099C: Educational Services, N.E.S.
    U001M: Problem Solving/Decision Making Training Courses
    U001T: Time Management Training Courses
    U001C: Negotiating Skills Training Courses
    U008N: Training and Curriculum Development
    U006C: Technical / Vocational Training
    R006A: Technical Writing Services
    R006AH: Technical Writing Services, Translations, Publications (CFTO)
    R008B: Mobility Equipment Minor Engineering Tasks (MEMET) related to vehicular equipment
    R010A: Internal and External Audits (Supply Arrangement PASS)
    R004A: Certifications and Accreditations for Products and Institutions other than Educational Institutions
    R006AC: Technical Writing Services, Armament Related Publications
    R003A: Legal Services/Litigation/Lawyers
    R019BF: Human Resource Services, Business Consulting/Change Management; Project Management Services
    R019E: Business Services
    R019D: Auctioneering Services
    R019K: Brokerage Services - Disposal of Aircraft and/or Parts
    R009AD: General Ledger/Bookkeeping System
    R019F: Consulting Services
    R019A: Budget Control Systems
    R019N: Arbitration Services
    R019P: Threat and Risk Assessment Services
    R007A: System Engineering Services
    R019PA: Threat Risk Assessments - Base Building
    R006D: Manuals, Standard Operating Procedures for Building Controls and Systems
    R019Q: Marine Consulting
    R019M: Harassment (Investigative Services)
    R012A: Patent Services
    R013A: Land and Building Appraisal
    R010B: Audit Services, Not Elsewhere Specified
    R008A: Technical Engineering and Maintenance Services (TEMS) (Excludes requirements related to armament, R&D and R&O)
    R101A: Expert Witness
    R103A: Courier Service
    R103AA: Courier Service, Licensed (Station Wagons, Vans, Trucks)
    R104A: Audio Tape Transcripts/Summary Services - Not Media Related
    R102A: Weather Reporting/Observation Services
    R107B: Library Subscriptions
    R108A: Word Processing Services
    R109AB: Proof Reading Services
    R107AA: Book-Binding Services
    R115A: Materiel Management
    R113A: Data Collection Services
    R115G: Fleet Management Services
    R116AB: Summons Serving Services
    R116B: Verbatim Reporting Services
    R117A: Paper Shredding Service
    R114A: Logistics Support Services Military Aerospace Related
    R109B: Language Interpretation Services
    R118A: Real Estate Broker Services
    R118C: Rental - Warehouses
    R117AA: Shredding Service, Mobile, (Advisory Committee on Physical Security (ACOPS) Approved
    R118DA: Rental of Exhibit Space - Canada
    Notice type
    Letter of Interest (LOI)/Request for Information (RFI)
    Procurement entity
    Public Works and Government Services Canada
    Region of opportunity
    Region of delivery
  • GCTender Notice Services de véhicules blindés (100009046)
    Publishing status
    Publication date
    Amendment date
    Date closing
    2017-12-06 00:00 Eastern Standard Time (EST)
    GSIN description
    V401IC: Transportation Service - Armoured Vehicles
    Notice type
    Request for Proposal (RFP)
    Procurement entity
    Employment and Social Development Canada
    Region of opportunity
    Region of delivery

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