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  • GCTender Notice Industry Sustainment Business Case Analysis (SBCA) Workshop (SBCA-WKSP-2022/A)
    Publishing status
    Publication date
    Amendment date
    Date closing
    2023-06-30 14:00 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)
    GSIN description
    C216BB: Technical Investigations and Engineering Services (TIES) (Marine)
    C219A: Engineering Services
    C219BF: Engineering and Technical Services - Aerospace Related, Military
    C219BJ: Engineering and Technical Services - Combat Vehicles Related
    H100A: Materials Inspection and Quality Assurance
    H100AB: Materials Inspection and Quality Assurance, Industrial Products
    J019A: Maintenance, Repair, Modification, Rebuilding & Installation of Equipment related to Ships
    JI5805: Aircraft (Military) Telephone and Telegraph Equipment - Installation
    JI5826: Radio Navigation Equipment, (Airborne) - Installation
    JI5830: Intercommunication and Public Address Systems, Except Airborne - Installation
    JI5840: Radar Equipment, Except Airborne - Installation
    JI5845: Underwater Sound Equipment - Installation
    JI5895: Aircraft (Military) Miscellaneous Communications Equipment - Installation
    JI5985: Antennas, Waveguides and Related Equipment - Installation
    JI5995: Cable, Cord, and Wire Assemblies, Communication Equipment - Installation
    JI6350: Alarm and Signal Systems, Miscellaneous - Installation and Services
    JI6610: Flight Instruments - Installation
    JI6625: Electrical and Electronic Properties, Measuring and Testing Instruments - Installation
    JI6650: Optical Instruments, Test Equipment , Components and Accessories - Installation
    JI6685: Pressure, Temperature, and Humidity Measuring and Controlling Instruments - Installation
    JX1015: Guns, 75MM Through 125MM - Repair
    JX1025: Guns, Over 150MM Through 200MM - Repair
    JX1035: Guns, Over 300MM - Repair
    JX1055: Launchers, Rockets and Pyrotechnic - Repair
    JX1095: Miscellaneous Weapons - Repair
    JX1220: Fire Control Computing Sights and Devices - Repair
    JX1230: Fire Control Systems - Repair
    JX1240: Optical Sighting and Ranging Equipment - Repair
    JX1250: Fire Control Stabilizing Mechanisms - Repair
    JX1265: Fire Control Transmitting and Receiving Equipment (Except Airborne) - Repair
    JX1285: Fire Control Radar Equipment, Except Airborne - Repair
    JX1305: Ammunition, Through 30MM - Repair
    JX1340: Rockets, Rocket Ammunition and Rocket Components - Repair
    JX1355: Torpedo and Components, Inert - Repair
    JX1377: Cartridge and Propellant Actuated Devices and Components - Repair
    JX1510: Aircraft, Fixed Wing - (Military) Repair and Overhaul
    JX1520: Aircraft, Rotary Wing - Repair
    JX1540: Gliders - Repair
    JX1560: Airframe Structural Components (Military) - Repair and Overhaul
    JX1610: Aircraft Propellers and Components (Military) - Repair and Overhaul
    JX1615: Helicopter Rotor Blades, Drive, Mechanisms and Components (Military) - Repair and Overhaul
    JX1620: Aircraft Landing Gear Components (Military) - Repair and Overhaul
    JX1630: Aircraft Wheel and Brake Systems (Civilian) - Repair
    JX1650: Aircraft Hydraulic, Vacuum and De-icing System Components (Military) - Repair and Overhaul
    JX1660: Aircraft Air Conditioning, Heating and Pressurizing Equipment (Military) - Repair and Overhaul
    JX1680: Miscellaneous Aircraft Accessories and Components (Military) - Repair and Overhaul
    JX1710: Aircraft Landing Equipment - Repair
    JX1720: Aircraft Launching Equipment - Repair
    JX1730: Aircraft Ground Servicing Equipment - Repair
    JX1740: Airfield Specialized Trucks and Trailers - Repair
    JX1910: Transport Vessels, Passenger and Troop - Repair
    JX1925: Special Service Vessels - Repair
    JX1930: Barges and Lighters, Cargo - Repair
    JX1940: Small Craft - Repair
    JX1990: Vessels, Miscellaneous - Repair
    JX2010: Ship and Boat Propulsion Components - Repair
    JX2020: Rigging and Rigging Gear - Repair
    JX2030: Deck Machinery - Repair and Overhaul
    JX2040: Marine Hardware and Hull Items - Repair
    JX2090: Ship and Marine Miscellaneous Equipment - Repair
    JX2305: Ground Effect Vehicles - Repair
    JX2310: Passenger Motor Vehicles - Repair
    JX2320: Trucks and Truck Tractors, Wheeled - Repair
    JX2330: Trailers - Repair
    JX2350: Combat, Assault, and Tactical Vehicles, Tracked - Repair
    JX2355: Combat, Assault, and Tactical Vehicles, Wheeled - Repair
    JX2410: Tractors, Full-Track, Low Speed - Repair and Overhaul
    JX2420: Tractors Wheeled - Repair and Overhaul
    JX2430: Tractors, Track Laying, High Speed - Repair
    JX2510: Vehicular Cab, Body and Frame Structural Components - Repair
    JX2520: Vehicular Power Transmission Components - Repair
    JX2530: Vehicular Brake, Steering, Axle, Wheel and Track Components - Repair and Overhaul
    JX2540: Vehicular Furniture and Accessories - Repair
    JX2590: Vehicular Components, Miscellaneous - Repair
    JX2610: Tires and Tubes, Pneumatic, except Aircraft - Repair
    JX2620: Tires and Tubes, Pneumatic, Aircraft - Repair
    JX2640: Tire Rebuilding and Tire and Tube Repair Materials - Repair
    JX2805: Gasoline Reciprocating Engines (except Aircraft) and Components - Repair
    JX2810: Gasoline Reciprocating Engines, Aircraft Prime Movers and Components-Repair
    JX2815: Diesel Engines and Components - Repair
    JX2825: Steam Turbines and Components - Repair and Overhaul
    JX2835: Gas Turbines and Jet Engines (except Aircraft) and Components - Repair
    JX2840: Gas Turbines and Jet Engines, Aircraft, Prime Moving and Components (Civilian) - Repair
    JX2895: Miscellaneous Engines and Components - Repair
    JX2910: Engine Fuel System Components, Non-Aircraft - Repair
    JX2915: Engine Fuel System Components, Aircraft and Missile Prime Movers - Repair
    JX2920: Engine Electrical System Components, Non-Aircraft - Repair and Overhaul
    JX2930: Engine Coolant System Components, Non-Aircraft - Repair and Overhaul
    JX2940: Engine Air Oil Filters, Strainers and Cleaners, Non-Aircraft - Repair
    JX2990: Engine Accessories, Miscellaneous, Non-Aircraft - Repair
    JX2995: Miscellaneous Engine Accessories, Aircraft (Military) - Repair and Overhaul
    JX3010: Torque Converters and Speed Changers - Repair
    JX3020: Gears, Pulleys, Sprockets and Transmission Chain - Repair and Overhaul
    JX3030: Belting, Drive Belts, Fan Belts and Accessories - Repair
    JX3040: Power Transmission Equipment, Miscellaneous - Repair
    JX3110: Bearings, Antifriction, Unmounted - Repair
    JX3130: Bearings, Mounted - Repair
    JX3950: Winches, Hoists, Cranes, and Derricks - Repair
    JX3960: Freight Elevators -repair
    JX4110: Refrigeration Equipment - Repair
    JX4120: Air Conditioning Equipment - Repair and Overhaul
    JX4130: Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Components - Repair
    JX4140: Fans, Air Circulators and Blower Equipment - Repair
    JX4210: Firefighting Equipment - Repair and Overhaul
    JX4220: Marine Life Saving and Diving Equipment - Repair
    JX4240: Safety and Rescue Equipment - Repair
    JX4310: Compressors and Vacuum Pumps - Repair
    JX4320: Power and Hand Pumps - Repair
    JX4330: Centrifugals, Separators and Pressure and Vacuum Filters - Repair
    JX4420: Heat Exchangers and Steam Condensers - Repair
    JX4460: Air Purification Equipment - Repair
    JX4510: Plumbing Fixtures and Accessories - Repair
    JX4520: Space and Water Heating Equipment - Repair
    JX4530: Fuel Burning Equipment Units - Repair and Overhaul
    JX4540: Waste Disposal Equipment - Repair and Overhaul
    JX4610: Water Purification Equipment - Repair
    JX4620: Water Distillation Equipment, Marine and Industrial - Repair
    JX4630: Sewage Treatment Equipment - Repair
    JX4710: Pipes, Tubes, and Rigid Tubing - Repair
    JX4720: Hose and Flexible Tubing - Repair
    JX4730: Fittings and Specialties, Hose, Pipe and Tube - Repair
    JX4810: Valve, Powered - Repair and Overhaul
    JX4820: Valves, Non-Powered - Repair and Overhaul
    JX4910: Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Shop Specialized Equipment - Repair
    JX4930: Lubricating and Fuel Dispensing Equipment - Repair and Overhaul
    JX4931: Fire Control Maintenance and Repair Shop Specialized Equipment - Repair
    JX4940: Maintenance and Repair Shop Specialized Equipment, Miscellaneous - Repair
    JX5430: Storage Tanks - Repair
    JX5805: Telephones and Telegraph Equipment - Maintenance
    JX5810: Communications Security Equipment and Components - Repair
    JX5821: Aircraft (Military) Radio and Television Communications Equipment - Repair and Overhaul
    JX5811: Other Cryptologic Equipment and Components - Repair
    JX5825: Radio Navigation Equipment (Military), Except Airborne - Repair and Overhaul
    JX5826: Radio Navigation Equipment, Airborne - Repair and Overhaul
    JX5830: Intercommunication and Public Address Systems, except Airborne - Repair and Overhaul
    JX5831: Intercommunication and Public Address Systems, Airborne - Repair and Overhaul
    JX5840: Radar Equipment (Military), except Airborne - Repair and Overhaul
    JX5841: Aircraft (Military) Radar Equipment - Repair and Overhaul
    JX5845: Underwater Sound Equipment - Repair
    JX5855: Night Vision Equipment, Emitted and Reflected Radiation - Repair
    JX5860: Stimulated Coherent Radiation Devices, Components and Accessories - Repair
    JX5865: Electronic Countermeasures, Counter-Countermeasures and Quick Reaction Capability Equipment - Repair
    JX5895: Aircraft (Military) Miscellaneous Communications Equipment - Repair and Overhaul
    JX5965: Headsets, Handsets, Microphones and Speakers - Repair
    JX5975: Electrical Hardware and Supplies - Repair
    JX5985: Antennas, Waveguides and Related Equipment - Repair and Overhaul
    JX5990: Synchros and Resolvers - Repair
    JX5995: Cable, Cord, and Wire Assemblies, Communication Equipment - Repair
    JX5998: Electrical and Electronic Assemblies, Boards, Cards, and Associated Hardware - Repair
    JX5999: Miscellaneous Electrical and Electronic Components - Repair and Overhaul
    JX6020: Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies and Harnesses - Repair
    JX6030: Fiber Optic Devices - Repair
    JX6070: Fiber Optic Accessories and Supplies - Repair
    JX6100: Electric Wire, and Power and Distribution Equipment - Repair
    JX6105: Motors, Electrical - Repair and Overhaul
    JX6110: Electrical Control Equipment - Repair
    JX6115: Generators and Generator Sets, Electrical - Repair
    JX6120: Transformers, Distribution and Power Station - Repair
    JX6125: Converters, Electrical, Rotating - Repairs
    JX6130: Converters, Electrical, Nonrotating - Repair and Overhaul
    JX6140: Batteries, Rechargeable - Repair
    JX6145: Wire and Cable, Electrical - Repair
    JX6150: Miscellaneous Electric Power and Distribution Equipment - Repair
    JX6210: Indoor and Outdoor Electric Lighting Fixtures - Repair
    JX6230: Electric Portable and Hand Lighting Equipment - Repair
    JX6250: Ballasts, Lampholders, and Starters - Repair
    JX6300: Alarm and Signal Systems - Repair
    JX6320: Shipboard Alarm and Signal Systems - Repair
    JX6340: Aircraft Alarm and Signal Systems (Civilian) - Repair
    JX6350: Alarm and Signal Systems, Miscellaneous - Repair, Overhaul and Maintenance
    JX6605: Aircraft (Military) Navigational Instruments - Repair and Overhaul
    JX6610: Flight Instruments (Civilian) - Repair
    JX6625: Electrical and Electronic Properties, Measuring and Testing Instruments - Repair and Overhaul
    JX6630: Chemical Analysis Instruments - Repair and Overhaul
    JX6635: Physical Properties Testing and Inspection Equipment - Repair and Overhaul
    JX6645: Time Measuring Instruments - Repair
    JX6650: Optical Instruments, Test Equipment, Components and Accessories - Repair and Overhaul
    JX6665: Hazard-Detecting Instruments and Apparatus - Repair and Overhaul
    JX6680: Liquid and Gas Flow, Liquid Level and Mechanical Motion Measuring Instruments - Repair
    JX6680A: Liquid and Gas Flow, Liquid Level and Mechanical Motion Measuring Instruments, Aeronautical Only - Repair and Overhaul
    JX6685: Pressure, Temperature and Humidity Measuring and Controlling Instruments - Repair
    JX6695: Combination and Miscellaneous Instruments - Repair
    JX6910: Training Aids - Repair
    JX6920: Armament Training Devices - Repair
    JX6930: Operation Training Devices - Repair
    JX7310AA: Galley Equipment, except Aircraft - Repair
    JX8120: Commercial and Industrial Gas Cylinders - Repair
    JX8340: Tents and Tarpaulins, Repairs
    JX9330: Plastics Fabricated Materials - Repair
    JX9999: Miscellaneous Items - Repairs
    K115A: Preparation & Disposal of Excess & Surplus Movable Assets
    R006A: Technical Writing Services
    R008A: Technical Engineering and Maintenance Services (TEMS) (Excludes requirements related to armament, R&D and R&O)
    U006C: Technical / Vocational Training
    U008D: Conduct of Training
    Notice type
    Letter of Interest (LOI)/Request for Information (RFI)
    Procurement entity
    Public Works and Government Services Canada
    Region of opportunity
    Region of delivery

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