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AG: Energy (R&D)

GSIN Code Title
AG51 Nuclear
AG61 Petroleum
AG71 Solar and Photovoltaic
AG81 Conservation of Energy
AG91 Other Energy

AH: Environmental Protection (R&D)

GSIN Code Title
AH11 Pollution Control and Abatement
AH21 Air Pollution
AH31 Water Pollution
AH91 Other Environmental Protection

AJ: General Science and Technology (R&D)

GSIN Code Title
AJ11 Physical Sciences
AJ21 Mathematical and Computer Sciences
AJ31 Environmental Sciences
AJ41 Engineering
AJ71 Social Sciences
AJ91 Other Sciences - Not Elsewhere Classified (NEC)

AK: Housing (R&D)

GSIN Code Title
AK11 Housing

AL: Income Security (R&D)

GSIN Code Title
AL10 Code description not determined

AN: Medical (R&D)

GSIN Code Title
AN11 Biomedical
AN41 Health Services
AN51 Mental Health
AN61 Rehabilitative Engineering
AN71 Specialized Medical Services
AN91 Other Medical

AP: Natural Resources (R&D)

GSIN Code Title
AP21 Land
AP31 Mineral
AP51 Marine and Oceanographic
AP61 Marine Fisheries

AR: Space (R&D)

GSIN Code Title
AR11 Aeronautics and Space Technology
AR21 Space Science and Applications
AR31 Space Flight
AR41 Space Operations - Tracking and Data Acquisition
AR91 Other Space

AS: Transportation - Modal (R&D)

GSIN Code Title
AS11 Air Transportation
AS21 Surface Motor Vehicles
AS31 Rail Transportation
AS41 Marine Transportation
AS91 Other Modal Transportation

AT: Transportation - General (R&D)

GSIN Code Title
AT11 Highways, Roads, and Bridges
AT31 Navigation and Navigational Aids
AT41 Passenger Safety and Security
AT61 Traffic Management
AT91 Other General Transportation

AV: Mining Activities (R&D)

GSIN Code Title
AV11 Subsurface Mining Equipment
AV21 Surface Mining Equipment
AV31 Subsurface Mining Methods
AV41 Surface Mining Methods
AV51 Mining Reclamation Methods
AV61 Mining Safety
AV71 Metallurgical
AV91 Other Mining Activities

AZ: Other Research and Development (R&D)

GSIN Code Title
AZ11 Other Research and Development

B0: Natural Sciences

GSIN Code Title
B000 Chemical or Biological Studies and Analysis
B002 Animal and Fisheries Studies

B1: Environmental Studies

GSIN Code Title
B100 Air Quality Analysis
B101 Environmental Studies Development of Environmental Impact Statements and Assessments
B102 Soil Studies
B103 Water Quality Studies
B109 Other Environmental Studies

B2: Engineering Studies

GSIN Code Title
B200 Geological Studies (including Rock Core Drilling and Sampling)
B201 Geophysical Studies
B202 Geotechnical Studies
B204 Seismological Studies
B205 Building Technology Studies
B206 Energy Studies
B208 Housing and Community Development Studies (including Urban and Town Planning)
B219 Other Engineering Studies

B3: Administrative Support Studies

GSIN Code Title
B301 Data Analysis - Other Than Scientific
B302 Feasibility Studies - Other Than Construction
B303 Mathematical and Statistical Analysis
B304 Regulatory Studies
B308 Accounting and Financial Management Studies
B311 Organization, Administrative, and Personnel Studies
B314 Acquisition Policy and Procedures Studies
B329 Other Administrative Support Studies

B4: Space Studies

GSIN Code Title
B400 Aeronautic and Space Studies

B5: Social Studies and Humanities

GSIN Code Title
B500 Archaeological and Paleontological Studies
B503 Medical and Health Studies
B504 Educational Studies and Analysis
B506 Economic Studies
B507 Legal Studies
B509 Other Studies and Analysis

C1: Architect and Engineering Services - Related to Construction

GSIN Code Title
C111 Administrative and Service Buildings
C112 Airfield, Communication, and Missile Facilities
C113 Educational Buildings
C114 Hospital Buildings
C115 Industrial Buildings
C116 Residential Buildings
C117 Warehouse Buildings
C118 Research and Development Facilities
C119 Other Buildings
C121 Conservation and Development
C122 Highways, Roads, Streets, Bridges and Railways
C123 Electric Power Generation (EPG)
C124 Utilities
C129 Other Non-Building Structures
C130 Restoration

C2: Architect and Engineering Services - Not Related to Construction

GSIN Code Title
C211 Architect and Engineering Services (including Landscaping, Interior Layout, and Designing)
C212 Engineering Drafting Services
C213 Architect and Engineering Inspection Services
C214 Architect and Engineering Management Engineering Services
C215 Architect and Engineering Production Engineering Services (including Design, Control, and Building Programming)
C216 Marine Architect and Engineering Services
C219 Other Architect and Engineering Services

D3: Information Processing and Related Telecommunication Services

GSIN Code Title
D301 Automated Data Processing (ADP) Facility Operation and Maintenance Services
D302 ADP System Development Services
D303 ADP Data Entry Services
D304 ADP Telecommunication and Transmission Services
D307 Automated Information System Design and Integration Services
D308 Programming Services
D309 Information and Data Broadcasting or Data Distribution Services
D311 ADP Data Conversion Services
D312 ADP Optical Scanning Services
D313 Computer Aided Design or Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD or CAM) Services
D315 Digitizing Services (including Cartographic and Geographic Information)
D316 Telecommunication Network Management Services
D317 Automated News Services, Data Services or Other Information Services (including Buying Data, the Electronic equivalent of Books, Periodicals, and Newspapers, etc)
D339 Other ADP and Telecommunication Services (including Data Storage on Tapes, and Compact Disk, etc)
D399 Other ADP and Telecommunication Services (including Data Storage on Tapes, and Compact Disk etc)

E1: Environmental Services

GSIN Code Title
E101 Air Quality Support Services
E103 Water Quality Support Services
E106 Toxic Substance Support Services
E107 Hazardous Substance Analysis
E108 Hazardous Substance Removal, Cleanup and Disposal Services and Operational Support
E109 Leaking Underground Storage Tank Support Services
E110 Industrial Investigations, Surveys, and Technical Support for Multiple Pollutants
E111 Oil Spill Response (including Cleanup, Removal, Disposal, and Operational Support)
E199 Other Environmental Services

F0: Agriculture and Forestry Services

GSIN Code Title
F001 Forest and Range Fire Suppression or Presuppression Services (including Water Bombing)
F003 Forest Tree Planting Services
F006 Crop Services (including Seed Collection and Production Services)
F008 Tree Breeding Services (including Ornamental Shrubs)
F010 Other Forest and Range Improvement Services - Other Than Construction
F011 Pesticide or Insecticide Support Services
F020 Other Wildlife Management Services
F021 Veterinary and Animal Care Services (including Livestock Services)
F029 Other Animal Care and Control Services
F030 Fisheries Resource Management Services
F041 Well Drilling and Exploratory Services
F059 Other Natural Resources and Conservation Services

G0: Health Services

GSIN Code Title
G001 Health care
G009 Other Health Services

G1: Social Services

GSIN Code Title
G100 Care of Remains and Funeral Services
G101 Chaplain Services
G102 Recreational Services (including Entertainment Services)
G103 Social Rehabilitation Services
G104 Geriatric Services
G199 Other Social Services

H1: Quality Control Services

GSIN Code Title
H100 Materials Inspection and Quality Assurance

H2: Equipment and Materials Testing

GSIN Code Title
H200 Testing Construction Materials

H3: Inspection Services (including Commercial Testing and Laboratory Services, Except Medical or Dental)

GSIN Code Title
H300 Inspection and Testing Services

H9: Other Quality Control, Testing, Inspection and Technical Representative Services

GSIN Code Title
H900 Other Quality Control, Testing, Inspection and Technical Representative Services

J0: Maintenance, Repair, Modification, Rebuilding and Installation of Goods or Equipment Related to Ships

GSIN Code Title
J019 Maintenance, Repair, Modification, Rebuilding and Installation of Goods or Equipment Related to Ships


GSIN Code Title

K0: Personal Care Services (including Services such as Barber and Beauty Shop, Shoe Repairs, and Tailoring, etc)

GSIN Code Title
K000 Personal Care Services

K1: Custodial Services

GSIN Code Title
K100 Custodial and Janitorial Services
K101 Fire Protection Services
K102 Food Services
K103 Fuelling and Other Petroleum Services (Excluding Storage)
K104 Trash and Garbage Collection Services (including Portable Sanitation Services)
K105 Guard Services
K106 Insect and Rodent Control Services
K107 Landscaping and Groundskeeping Services
K108 Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services
K111 Carpet Cleaning
K112 Interior Plantscaping
K113 Snow Removal and Salt Service (including Spreading Aggregate or Other Snow Melting Materials)
K114 Waste Treatment and Storage
K115 Preparation and Disposal of Excess and Surplus Property
K199 Other Custodial and Related Services

L0: Financial and Related Services

GSIN Code Title
L001 Government Health Insurance Programs
L004 Other Insurance Programs
L005 Credit Reporting Services
L006 Banking Services
L007 Debt Collection Services
L099 Other Financial Services

M1: Operation of Government-Owned Facilities

GSIN Code Title
M110 Administrative Facilities and Service Buildings
M119 Other Administrative Facilities and Service Buildings
M120 Airfield, Communication and Missile Facilities
M130 Educational Buildings
M140 Hospital Buildings
M150 Industrial Buildings
M160 Residential Buildings
M170 Warehouse Buildings
M180 Research and Development Facilities
M181 Government-Owned Contractor-Operated (GOCO) (R&D) Facilities
M190 Other Buildings
M191 Museums and Exhibition Buildings

M2: Operation of Government-Owned Facilities (Non-building)

GSIN Code Title
M210 Conservation and Development Facilities
M220 Highways, Roads, Streets, Bridges and Railways
M230 Electric Power Generation (EPG) Facilities
M240 Utilities
M242 Heating and Cooling Plants
M290 Other Non-Building Facilities

R0: Professional Services

GSIN Code Title
R001 Specification Development Services
R002 Technology Sharing and Utilization Services
R003 Legal Services
R004 Certification and Accreditation Services for Products and Institutions Other Than Educational Institutions
R006 Technical Writing Services
R007 Systems Engineering Services

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