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B304: Regulatory Studies

GSIN Code Title
B300A Regulatory studies
B304A Regulatory Studies

B301: Data Analysis - Other Than Scientific

GSIN Code Title
B301A Data Analysis - Performance of a Survey

B302: Feasibility Studies - Other Than Construction

GSIN Code Title
B302A Feasibility Studies/Needs Analysis

B303: Mathematical and Statistical Analysis

GSIN Code Title
B303A Systems and Statistical Analysis
B303B Statistical Services and Analysis

B308: Accounting and Financial Management Studies

GSIN Code Title
B308A Accounting and Financial Management Studies

B311: Organization, Administrative, and Personnel Studies

GSIN Code Title
B311B Alternative Work Environment Studies

B314: Acquisition Policy and Procedures Studies

GSIN Code Title
B314A Valuation Policies and Procedures

B329: Other Administrative Support Studies

GSIN Code Title
B329A Business Services / Modelling and Analysis
B329B Advisory Support Services / Natural resources efficiency

B400: Aeronautic and Space Studies

GSIN Code Title
B400A Space Policy Studies

B500: Archaeological and Paleontological Studies

GSIN Code Title
B500A Archaeological/Paleontological Services
B500B Archaeological Site Investigations

B503: Medical and Health Studies

GSIN Code Title
B503A Medical and Health Studies
B503B Medical and Health Studies / Modelling and Analysis

B504: Educational Studies and Analysis

GSIN Code Title
B504A Educational Studies

B506: Economic Studies

GSIN Code Title
B506A Economic Development Studies
B506B Socio-Economic Surveys
B506C Tax Studies
B506D Economic Studies / Modelling and Analysis

B507: Legal Studies

GSIN Code Title
B507A Criminology - Criminal Investigations

B509: Other Studies and Analysis

GSIN Code Title
B509A Land Use Studies
B509B Land Appraisal of Surrendered Lands

51: Construction Services

GSIN Code Title
511 Pre-erection Work at Construction Sites
512 Construction Works for Buildings
513 Construction Work for Civil Engineering
514 Assembly and Erection of Prefabricated Constructions
515 Special Trade Construction Work
516 Installation Work
517 Building Completion and Finishing Work
518 Renting Services Related to Equipment for Construction or Demolition of Buildings or Civil Engineering Works with Operator

C111: Administrative and Service Buildings

GSIN Code Title
C111A Architect/Engineer Services - Administration & Service Buildings

C112: Airfield, Communication, and Missile Facilities

GSIN Code Title
C112A Architect/Engineer Services - Airfield, Communication and Missile Facilities

C113: Educational Buildings

GSIN Code Title
C113A Architect/Engineer Services - Educational Buildings

C114: Hospital Buildings

GSIN Code Title
C114A Architect/Engineer Services - Hospital Buildings

C115: Industrial Buildings

GSIN Code Title
C115A Architect/Engineer Services - Industrial Buildings

C116: Residential Buildings

GSIN Code Title
C116A Architect/Engineer Services - Residential Buildings

C117: Warehouse Buildings

GSIN Code Title
C117A Architect/Engineer Services - Warehouse Buildings

C118: Research and Development Facilities

GSIN Code Title
C118A Architect/Engineer Services Research and Development Facilities

C119: Other Buildings

GSIN Code Title
C119A Architectual Services - Buildings
C119B Design Build Services - Real Property
C119C Construction Supervision Services
C119F Engineering Services - Buildings
C119G Property Development

C121: Conservation and Development

GSIN Code Title
C121A Architectural & Engineering Services - Restoration/Conservation Heritage Building Structures

C122: Highways, Roads, Streets, Bridges and Railways

GSIN Code Title
C122A Architectural & Engineering Services - Highways, Roads, Railways,Bridges and Dams

C123: Electric Power Generation (EPG)

GSIN Code Title
C123A Architectural & Engineering Services - Power Generation and Utilities

C124: Utilities

GSIN Code Title
C124A Architect/Engineer Services - Hydro-Electric Power and Utilities Facilities

C129: Other Non-Building Structures

GSIN Code Title
C129A Architectural & Engineering Services - Other Non-Building Structures

C130: Restoration

GSIN Code Title
C130A Architectural & Engineering Services - Restoration/Conservation Heritage Non-Building Structures

C211: Architect and Engineering Services (including Landscaping, Interior Layout, and Designing)

GSIN Code Title
C211A Drafting and Design Services
C211C Design and Drafting Services In-House
C211D Architect and Engineering Services - Buildings
C211E Landscape Architecture Services
C211F CADD Drafting and Technical Services - Building Systems

C212: Engineering Drafting Services

GSIN Code Title
C212A Drafting
C212B Architectual & Engineering CADD Services

C213: Architect and Engineering Inspection Services

GSIN Code Title
C213A Architectural & Engineering Inspection Services
C213B Engineering Quality Control Services
C213C Construction Materials - Inspection, Testing and Evaluation

C214: Architect and Engineering Management Engineering Services

GSIN Code Title
C214A Management Engineering Services - Real Property

C215: Architect and Engineering Production Engineering Services (including Design, Control, and Building Programming)

GSIN Code Title
C215A Production Engineering Services - Real Property

C216: Marine Architect and Engineering Services

GSIN Code Title
C216A Naval Architecture
C216B Marine Systems and Engineering
C216C Marine Architect and Engineering Services

C219: Other Architect and Engineering Services

GSIN Code Title
C219A Engineering Services
C219B Engineering Services, N.E.S.
C219C Engineering Services
C219D Other Architectural and Engineering Services - Real Property
C219E Engineering Services - Fighter and Trainer Aircraft only

D301: Automated Data Processing (ADP) Facility Operation and Maintenance Services

GSIN Code Title
D301A Computer and Data Processing Services
D301B Data Centre Services
D301C Computer Services, Not Elsewhere Specified
D301D Facilities Operation and Outsourcing Services

D302: ADP System Development Services

GSIN Code Title
D302A Informatics Professional Services
D302B Design Services
D302C Designing and Programming Web Sites
D302D Multimedia Services

D303: ADP Data Entry Services

GSIN Code Title

D304: ADP Telecommunication and Transmission Services

GSIN Code Title
D304A Data Transmission Service

D307: Automated Information System Design and Integration Services

GSIN Code Title
D307A Systems Integration of Informatics Commodities and Services

D308: Programming Services

GSIN Code Title
D308A Programming Services

D309: Information and Data Broadcasting or Data Distribution Services

GSIN Code Title
D309A Radio and Television Towers and Systems
D309B Office Communications Systems

D311: ADP Data Conversion Services

GSIN Code Title
D311A Data Conversion Services

D312: ADP Optical Scanning Services

GSIN Code Title
D312A Optical Scanning Services

D313: Computer Aided Design or Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD or CAM) Services

GSIN Code Title
D313A Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) Services

D315: Digitizing Services (including Cartographic and Geographic Information)

GSIN Code Title
D315A Digitizing Services using Graphical Information Systems

D316: Telecommunication Network Management Services

GSIN Code Title
D316A Radio Television Services
D316B Telecommunications Network Services
D316C Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Services

D317: Automated News Services, Data Services or Other Information Services (including Buying Data, the Electronic equivalent of Books, Periodicals, and Newspapers, etc)

GSIN Code Title
D317A Communication Services, N.E.S.
D317B Information Retrieval Services, Database
D317C Electronic Mail Services
D317D Automated News Services
D317E Information Products

D339: Other ADP and Telecommunication Services (including Data Storage on Tapes, and Compact Disk, etc)

GSIN Code Title

D399: Other ADP and Telecommunication Services (including Data Storage on Tapes, and Compact Disk etc)

GSIN Code Title
D399A Miscellaneous Communications Services
D399B Telecommunications - Voice Service
D399C CD-Rom Services
D399D Micrographic Services

E101: Air Quality Support Services

GSIN Code Title
E101A Air Quality Support Services

E103: Water Quality Support Services

GSIN Code Title
E103A Water Quality Support Services

E106: Toxic Substance Support Services

GSIN Code Title
E106A Recycled Varsol Services
E106B Oil Recycling Services
E106C Toxic Substances Support Services

E107: Hazardous Substance Analysis

GSIN Code Title
E107A Hazardous Substance Analysis - Building Related

E108: Hazardous Substance Removal, Cleanup and Disposal Services and Operational Support

GSIN Code Title
E108A Asbestos Removal Services
E108B Radio-Active Water Disposal
E108C Hazardous Chemicals Removal
E108D Hazardous Substance Removal and Disposal -Building Related
E108E Medical Waste Disposal Services
E108F Northern Contaminated Site Environmental Clean-up Work/Services

E109: Leaking Underground Storage Tank Support Services

GSIN Code Title
E109A Leaking Underground Storage Tanks

E110: Industrial Investigations, Surveys, and Technical Support for Multiple Pollutants

GSIN Code Title
E110A Environmental Site Investigation

E111: Oil Spill Response (including Cleanup, Removal, Disposal, and Operational Support)

GSIN Code Title
E111A Oil Spill Collection
E111B Oil Spill Response

E199: Other Environmental Services

GSIN Code Title
E199A Waste Recycling Services
E199B Wildlife Control (Airports)
E199C Explosive Ordnance Disposal Services
E199D Environmental Services
E199E Polystyrenes (styrofoam), plastic, glass and metal recycling
E199F Professional Services, Environment and Sustainable Development Management
E199G Computers and other Electronic Recycling Services
E199H Environmental Professional Consulting Services - Real Property Related

F001: Forest and Range Fire Suppression or Presuppression Services (including Water Bombing)

GSIN Code Title
F001A Forestry Services
F001B Fire Prevention - Forestry

F003: Forest Tree Planting Services

GSIN Code Title
F003A Tree Planting Services for Land Reclamation

F006: Crop Services (including Seed Collection and Production Services)

GSIN Code Title
F006A Crop Harvesting
F006B Harvesting Hay and Silage
F006C Harvesting Vegetables
F006D Crop Harvesting, Not Elsewhere Specified
F006E Crop Services

F008: Tree Breeding Services (including Ornamental Shrubs)

GSIN Code Title
F008A Ornamental Shrub and Tree Service

F010: Other Forest and Range Improvement Services - Other Than Construction

GSIN Code Title
F010A Forestry Services - Engineering
F010B Forestry Services, Not Elsewhere Specified
F010C Diseased Tree Surgery or Removal
F010D Agricultural Services, Not Elsewhere Specified
F010E Agricultural Services

F011: Pesticide or Insecticide Support Services

GSIN Code Title
F011A Pesticides and Insecticides Support Services

F020: Other Wildlife Management Services

GSIN Code Title
F020A Animal Control Services - Trap and Remove Animals From Populated Areas
F020B Other Wildlife Management Services

F021: Veterinary and Animal Care Services (including Livestock Services)

GSIN Code Title
F021A Veterinary Services
F021B Livestock Services Except Veterinary

F029: Other Animal Care and Control Services

GSIN Code Title
F029A Abattoir (Slaughterhouse)

F030: Fisheries Resource Management Services

GSIN Code Title
F030A Fisheries Resources Management Services

F041: Well Drilling and Exploratory Services

GSIN Code Title
F041A Drilling Services - Exploratory and Test (Excluding Water Well Drilling)

F059: Other Natural Resources and Conservation Services

GSIN Code Title
F059A Other Natural Resource and Conservation Services

G001: Health care

GSIN Code Title
G001A Nursing Care Services
G001B Hospital Care Services
G001C Pharmaceutical Services

G009: Other Health Services

GSIN Code Title
G009A Dental Services
G009B Optical Services
G009C Dietary Services
G009D Health and Allied Services, Not Elsewhere Specified
G009E Medical/Dental Clinic Services
G009F Medical/Dental Laboratory Services
G009G Health and Welfare Services
G009H Medical Advisory Services
G009J Massage Therapy Services
G009K Substance Abuse Counselling
G009L Physiotherapy Services
G009M Radiology Services
G009N Occupational Therapy
G009P Ergonomic Services

G100: Care of Remains and Funeral Services

GSIN Code Title
G100A Funeral Services

G101: Chaplain Services

GSIN Code Title
G101A Chaplain Services Miscellaneous

G102: Recreational Services (including Entertainment Services)

GSIN Code Title
G102A Recreational Services

G103: Social Rehabilitation Services

GSIN Code Title
G103A Welfare Services
G103B Social Rehabilitation Services for Prisoners
G103C Halfway House Services for Mental Health Patients
G103D Mental Health Services

G104: Geriatric Services

GSIN Code Title
G104A Geriatric Services

G199: Other Social Services

GSIN Code Title
G199A Patients' Volunteer Service
G199B Family Violence Treatment Programs
G199C Management of Youth Development Programs
G199D Consular Social Assistance Services

H100: Materials Inspection and Quality Assurance

GSIN Code Title
H100A Materials Inspection and Quality Assurance
H100B Quality Assurance Services
H100D Construction Quality Control Services

H200: Testing Construction Materials

GSIN Code Title
H200A Construction Materials Testing
H200B Product Testing
H200C Equipment and Materials Testing

H300: Inspection and Testing Services

GSIN Code Title
H300A Laboratory, Testing and Inspection Services, Except Medical/Dental
H300B Analytical Chemistry
H300C Commercial Testing Laboratory Services
H300E Construction Inspection Services
H300F Heating and Cooling Plant, Inspection Services

H900: Other Quality Control, Testing, Inspection and Technical Representative Services

GSIN Code Title
H900A Other Construction Quality Control, Testing, Inspect. and Tech. Services

J019: Maintenance, Repair, Modification, Rebuilding and Installation of Goods or Equipment Related to Ships

GSIN Code Title
J019A Maintenance, Repair, Modification, Rebuilding & Installation of Equipment related to Ships

K000: Personal Care Services

GSIN Code Title
K000A Linen Supply Service

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