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F029: Other Animal Care and Control Services

GSIN Code Title
F029AA Abattoir (Slaughterhouse)

F041: Well Drilling and Exploratory Services

GSIN Code Title
F041AA Drilling Services - Exploratory and Test (Excluding Water Well Drilling)

10: Weapons

GSIN Code Title
1005 Guns, through 30mm
1010 Guns, over 30 mm up to 75 mm
1015 Guns, 75 mm through 125 mm
1020 Guns, over 125 mm through 150 mm
1025 Guns, over 150 mm through 200 mm
1030 Guns, over 200 mm through 300 mm
1035 Guns, over 300 mm
1040 Chemical Weapons and Equipment
1045 Launchers, Torpedo and Depth Charge
1055 Launchers, Rocket and Pyrotechnic
1070 Nets and Booms, Ordnance
1075 Degaussing and Mine Sweeping Equipment
1080 Camouflage and Deception Equipment
1090 Assemblies Interchangeable Between Weapons in Two or More Classes
1095 Miscellaneous Weapons

11: Nuclear Ordnance

GSIN Code Title
1100 Nuclear Ordnance
1105 Nuclear Bombs
1110 Nuclear Projectiles
1115 Nuclear Warheads and Warhead Sections
1120 Nuclear Depth Charges
1125 Nuclear Demolition Charges
1127 Nuclear Rockets
1130 Conversion Kits, Nuclear Ordnance
1135 Fusing and Firing Devices, Nuclear Ordnance
1140 Nuclear Components
1145 Explosive and Pyrotechnic Components, Nuclear Ordnance
1190 Specialized Test and Handling Equipment, Nuclear Ordnance
1195 Miscellaneous Nuclear Ordnance

12: Fire Control Equipment

GSIN Code Title
1200 Fire Control Equipment
1210 Fire Control Directors
1220 Fire Control Computing Sights and Devices
1230 Fire Control Systems, Complete
1240 Optical Sighting and Ranging Equipment
1250 Fire Control Stabilizing Mechanisms
1260 Fire Control Designating and Indicating Equipment
1265 Fire Control Transmitting and Receiving Equipment, Except Airborne
1270 Aircraft Gunnery Fire Control Components
1280 Aircraft Bombing Fire Control Components
1285 Fire Control Radar Equipment, Except Airborne
1287 Fire Control Sonar Equipment
1290 Miscellaneous Fire Control Equipment

13: Ammunition and Explosives

GSIN Code Title
1300 Ammunition and Explosives
1305 Ammunition, through 30 mm
1310 Ammunition, over 30 mm up to 75 mm
1315 Ammunition, 75 mm through 125 mm
1320 Ammunition, over 125 mm
1325 Bombs
1330 Grenades
1336 Guided Missile Warheads and Explosive Components
1337 Guided Missile and Space Vehicle Explosive Propulsion Units, Solid Fuel; and Components
1338 Guided Missile and Space Vehicle Inert Propulsion Units, Solid Fuel and Components
1340 Rockets, Rocket Ammunition and Rocket Components
1345 Land Mines
1346 Remote Munitions
1350 Underwater Mine Inert Components
1351 Underwater Mine Explosive Components
1352 Underwater Mine Disposal Inert Devices
1353 Underwater Mine Disposal Explosive Devices
1355 Torpedos and Components, Inert
1356 Torpedo and Components, Explosive
1360 Depth Charges and Components, Inert
1361 Depth Charges and Components, Explosive
1365 Military Chemical Agents
1367 Tactical Sets, Kits and Outfits
1370 Pyrotechnics
1375 Demolition Materials
1376 Bulk Explosives
1377 Cartridge and Propellant Actuated Devices and Components
1380 Military Biological Agents
1385 Surface Use Explosive Ordnance Disposal Tools and Equipment
1386 Underwater Use Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Swimmer Weapons Systems Tools and Equipment
1390 Fuses and Primers
1395 Miscellaneous Ammunition
1398 Specialized Ammunition Handling and Servicing Equipment

14: Guided Missiles

GSIN Code Title
1410 Guided Missiles
1420 Guided Missile Components
1425 Guided Missile Systems, Complete
1427 Guided Missile Subsystems
1430 Guided Missile Remote Control Systems
1440 Launchers, Guided Missile
1450 Guided Missile Handling and Servicing Equipment

15: Aircraft and Airframe Structural Components

GSIN Code Title
1500 Aircraft, and Airframe Structural Components
1510 Aircraft, Fixed Wing
1520 Aircraft, Rotary Wing
1540 Gliders
1550 Drones
1560 Airframe Structural Components

16: Aircraft Components and Accessories

GSIN Code Title
1600 Aircraft Components and Accessories
1610 Aircraft Propellers and Components
1615 Helicopter Rotor Blades, Drive Mechanisms and Components
1620 Aircraft Landing Gear Components
1630 Aircraft Wheel and Brake Systems
1640 Aircraft Control Cable Products
1650 Aircraft Hydraulic, Vacuum, and De-Icing System Components
1660 Aircraft Air Conditioning, Heating and Pressurizing Equipment
1670 Parachutes; Aerial Pick-up, Delivery, Recovery Systems; and Cargo Tie Down Equipment
1680 Miscellaneous Aircraft Accessories Components

17: Aircraft Launching, Landing, and Ground Handling Equipment

GSIN Code Title
1700 Aircraft Launching Landing and Ground Handling Equipment
1710 Aircraft Landing Equipment
1720 Aircraft Launching Equipment
1730 Aircraft Ground Servicing Equipment
1740 Airfield Specialized Trucks and Trailers

18: Space Vehicles

GSIN Code Title
1800 Space Vehicles
1810 Space Vehicles
1820 Space Vehicle Components
1830 Space Vehicle Remote Control Systems
1840 Space Vehicle Launchers
1850 Space Vehicle Handling and Servicing Equipment
1860 Space Survival Equipment

19: Ships, Small Craft, Pontoons, and Floating Docks

GSIN Code Title
1905 Combat Ships and Landing Vessels
1910 Transport Vessels, Passenger and Troop
1915 Cargo and Tanker Vessels
1920 Fishing Vessels
1925 Special Service Vessels
1930 Barges and Lighters, Cargo
1935 Barges and Lighters, Special Purpose
1940 Small Craft
1945 Pontoons and Floating Docks
1950 Floating Drydocks
1955 Dredges
1990 Vessels, Miscellaneous

20: Ship and Marine Equipment

GSIN Code Title
2010 Ship and Boat Propulsion Components
2020 Rigging and Rigging Gear
2030 Deck Machinery
2040 Marine Hardware and Hull Items
2050 Buoys
2060 Commercial Fishing Equipment
2090 Ship and Marine Miscellaneous Equipment

22: Railway Equipment

GSIN Code Title
2200 Railway Equipment
2210 Locomotives
2220 Rail Cars
2230 Right-O-Way Construction and Maintenance Equipment, Railroad
2240 Locomotives and Rail Car Accessories and Components
2250 Track Materials, Railroad

23: Ground Effect Vehicles, Motor Vehicles, Trailers, and Cycles

GSIN Code Title
2300 Ground Effect Vehicles, Motor Vehicles, Trailers, and Cycles
2305 Ground Effect Vehicles
2310 Passenger Motor Vehicles
2320 Trucks and Truck Tractors, Wheeled
2330 Trailers
2340 Motorcycles, Motor Scooters and Bicycles
2350 Combat, Assault and Tactical Vehicles, Tracked
2355 Combat, Assault and Tactical Vehicles, Wheeled

24: Tractors

GSIN Code Title
2400 Tractors
2410 Tractors, Full Track, Low Speed
2420 Tractors, Wheeled
2430 Tractors, Track Laying, High Speed

25: Vehicular Equipment Components

GSIN Code Title
2500 Vehicular Equipment
2510 Vehicular Cab, Body and Frame Structural Components
2520 Vehicular Power transmission Components
2530 Vehicular Brake, Steering, Axle, Wheel, and Track Components
2540 Vehicular Furniture and Accessories
2541 Weapons Systems Specific Vehicular Accessories
2590 Vehicular Components, Miscellaneous

26: Tires and Tubes

GSIN Code Title
2600 Tires and Tubes
2610 Tires and Tires, Pneumatic, Except Aircraft
2620 Tires and Tubes, Pneumatic, Aircraft
2630 Tires, Solid and Cushion
2640 Tire Rebuilding and Tire and Tube Repair Materials

28: Engines, Turbines and Components

GSIN Code Title
2800 Engines, Turbines, and Components
2805 Gasoline Reciprocating Engines, Except Aircraft; and Components
2810 Gasoline Reciprocating Engines, Aircraft Prime Movers and Components
2815 Diesel Engines and Components
2820 Steam Engines, Reciprocating; and Components
2825 Steam Turbines and Components
2830 Water Turbine and Water Wheels; and Components
2835 Gas Turbines and Jet Engines; Non-Aircraft Prime Mover, Aircraft Non-Prime Mover, and Components
2840 Gas Turbines and Jet Engines, Aircraft, Prime Moving and Components
2845 Rocket Engines and Components
2850 Gasoline Rotary Engines and Components
2895 Miscellaneous Engines and Components

29: Engine Accessories

GSIN Code Title
2900 Engine Accessories
2910 Engine Fuel System Components, Nonaircraft
2915 Engine Fuel System Components, Aircraft and Missile Prime Movers
2920 Engine Electrical System Components, Nonaircraft
2925 Engine Electrical System Components, Aircraft Prime Moving
2930 Engine Cooling System Components, Nonaircraft
2935 Engine Cooling Components, Aircraft Prime Moving
2940 Engine Air and Oil Filters, Strainers, and Cleaners, Nonaircraft
2945 Engine Air and Oil Filters, Strainers, and Cleaners, Aircraft
2950 Turbosuperchargers and Components
2990 Engine Accessories, Micellaneous, Nonaircraft
2995 Miscellaneous Engine Accessories, Aircraft

30: Mechanical Power Transmission Equipment

GSIN Code Title
3010 Torque Converters and Speed Changers
3020 Gears, Pulleys, Sprockets and Transmission Chain
3030 Belting, Drive Belts, Fan Belts and Accessories
3040 Power Transmission Equipment, Miscellaneous

31: Bearings

GSIN Code Title
3110 Bearings, Antifriction, Unmounted
3120 Bearings, Plain, Unmounted
3130 Bearing Mounted

32: Woodworking Machinery and Equipment

GSIN Code Title
3200 Woodworking Machinery and Equipment
3210 Sawmill and Planing Mill Machinery

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