Film or Video Tape Production Services

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GSIN Description
Film or Video Tape Production Services
GSIN Category
GSIN Group Description
Communications, Photographic, Mapping, Printing and Publication Services
GSIN Class Description
Communication, Photographic, Mapping, Printing and Publication Services
GSIN Code Status
Not applicable

GSIN direct descendents

Code Titlesort descending
T009D Audio and Video Technical Services
T009E Audio Recordings/Talking Books
T009A Audio Visual Production Services
T009BU Audio Visual Services - Interactive/Multimedia including implementation for website use
T009BP Audio/Visual Freelance and Project Management Services
T009BR Audio/Visual Language Adaptation/Versioning Services
T009C Distribution Services
T009CA Distribution Services: Film and Video
T009BY Film Laboratory, Film Processing, Release Printing
T009BS Film Post Production Services
T009BG Film Production Program for Children and Youth
T009BA Film Production Services
T009BE Film Production: Drama
T009BB Film Production: Educational/Training/Motivational Corporate/Industrial/Public Relations
T009BF Film Production: Public Service Announcement/TV Commercial/New Features
T009BC Film Production: Science/Technical/Natural Science
T009BD Film Production: Sociological/Documentary
T009B Motion Picture Production
T009BX Multi Media (AV and Print and Packaging)
T009BO Multi-Image Production Services
T009BAC Satellite Transmission
T009BQ Sound Studio Services
T009BAB Subtitling
T009BT Video Post Production Services
T009BN Video Production Program for Children and Youth
T009BH Video Production Services
T009BL Video Production: Drama
T009BI Video Production: Educational/Training/Motivational/Corporate/Industrial/Public Relations
T009BM Video Production: Public Service Announcement/TV Commercial/News Features
T009BJ Video Production: Science/Technical Natural Science
T009BK Video Production: Sociological/Documentary
T009BW Video Production: Video Wall/Laser/Light and Sound
T009BAA Videodisc Production: All Levels, Computer Programming - Interactive Touch Screen
T009BZ Videotape/DVD/BluRay Duplication

Contact for this GSIN Code

There is no available contact for this GSIN code.