Mineral Construction Materials,Bulk

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GSIN Description
Mineral Construction Materials,Bulk
GSIN Category
GSIN Group Description
Construction and Building Materials
GSIN Code Status
Not applicable

GSIN direct descendents

Codesort descending Title
N5610 Mineral Construction Materials, Bulk
N5610A Asphalt, Liquid Petroleum, Primer and Cement for Road Purpose
N5610B Cement
N5610BA Cement, Portland
N5610BB Cement, Portland
N5610BC Cement, Roofing
N5610C Concrete
N5610CA Concrete, Admixture
N5610CB Concrete, Joint Sealer
N5610CC Concrete, Air Entrainment Agent for Concrete Pavement
N5610CD Concrete, Ready-Mix
N5610CE Concrete, Pre-Mixed in Bags
N5610D Emulsion, Asphalt
N5610E Primer, Asphalt
N5610F Precast Concrete Products
N5610G Walk Way Compound (R-MIR-DEK)
N5610H Compound Covering Deck (DEX-O-TEX)
N5610J Compound Wing Walk
N5610K Seamless Flooring
N5610KA Seamless Flooring, N.E.S.
N5610KB Deck Coating, Non-Slip, Epoxy, CGSB 1-GP-192M, See DND QPL
N5610KC Deck Coating, Non-Slip, Polyurethane, CGSB 1-GP-200M, See DND QPL
N5610KD Seamless Flooring, Polyurethane with Plastic Chips, CGSB 81-GP-2M, CGSB QPL
N5610KE Deck Coating, Non-Slip, Polyurethane, CGSB 1-GP-200M
N5610L Stone and Aggregate
N5610LA Aggregate, Construction, Fire Clay, Crushed
N5610LB Aggregate, Concrete
N5610LC Stone, Aggregate, for Runway Ice Control
N5610LD Stone, Core, Armour
N5610LE Gravel, Road
N5610LF Stone, Crushed (Quarry Rock)
N5610N Asphalt, Petroleum, Roofing
N5610P Asphalt, Rubberized, for Roofing and Waterproofing, CAN/CGSB-37.50-M89
N5610Q Asphalt, Waterproofing
N5610R Expansion Joint Filler, for Concrete
N5610S Sand, Runway
N5610T Lime, Hydrated, Structural
N5610U Soil
N5610V Stone, Decorative
N5610W Sand

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