Measuring Tool, Craftsmen's

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GSIN Description
Measuring Tool, Craftsmen's
GSIN Category
GSIN Group Description
Measuring Tools
GSIN Code Status
Not applicable

GSIN direct descendents

Code Title
N5210 Measuring Tools, Craftsmen
N5210A Gage (Measuring Tool)
N5210B Indicator, Dial
N5210C Instruments, Measuring
N5210D Levels, Bench, Carpenter and Machinist
N5210E Tape Measuring, Surveyor
N5210F Micrometers and Calipers, Inside and Outside
N5210G Plumb Bob
N5210H Square, Combination
N5210J Tape Measuring
N5210K Tape Winders, Special
N5210L Yardstick, Wooden
N5210M Meterstick, Wood or Metal
N5210N Rules, Measuring
N5210AA Gage, Blocks
N5210AB Gage, Blocks, Square, Cylindrical, Ring
N5210AC Gage, Screw and Wire
N5210AD Gage, Thickness
N5210AE Gage, Centre
N5210BA Indicator, Dial, CGSB 39-GP-39
N5210DA Levels, Bench, Carpenter and Machinist, CGSB 39-GP-28B
N5210EA Tape, Measuring, Surveyor, CAN/CGSB-39.22-94
N5210FA Micrometers and Calipers, Inside and Outside, CAN/CGSB-39.18-96 &CAN/CGSB-39.19-98
N5210HA Square, Combination, CAN/CGSB-39.21-98
N5210JA Tape, Measuring, CAN/CGSB-39.22-94
N5210NA Rules, Measuring, CAN/CGSB-39.23-94
N5210ACA Gage, Screw and Wire

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