Passenger Motor Vehicles

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GSIN Description
Passenger Motor Vehicles
GSIN Category
GSIN Group Description
Ground Effect Vehicles, Motor Vehicles, Trailers, and Cycles
GSIN Code Status
Not applicable

GSIN direct descendents

Code Title
N2310 Passenger Motor Vehicles
N2310M Passenger Motor Vehicles - Special Vehicles - Buses - Motor Homes
N2310N Passenger Motor Vehicles, Electric
N2310MA Buses
N2310MB Motor Homes
N2310001 Ambulances
N2310002 Passenger Motor Vehicles - Imported
N2310003 Passenger Motor Vehicles - Domestic
N2310004 Automobiles, Armour Protected
N2310005 Passenger Motor Vehicles - Exported
N2310006 Passenger Motor Vehicles - Dealers
N2310A00 Passenger Cars, Full-Size Sedan, Police Duty, Unmarked
N2310B00 Passenger Cars, Full-Size Sedan, Police Duty, Marked
N2310C00 Sedan, Standard Size
N2310C0J Sedan, Standard Size, RCMP VIP Escort
N2310D00 Sedan, Mid-Size
N2310D0E Station Wagon, Mid-Size, Police Duty
N2310D0S Coupe, Mid-Size, 2 Door, 8 Cylinder, Police Duty
N2310D30 Small Intermediate Sedans
N2310D3T Passenger Cars, Mid-Size, Speciality, Police Duty, Unmarked
N2310D50 Sedan, Compact Size
N2310D51 Sedan, Compact, 4 X 4
N2310D5F Sedan, Compact, 4 or 6 Cylinders, Police Duty, GMV Spec D5F
N2310D5H Coupe, Compact, 8 Cylinders, High Performance, Police Duty, GMV Spec D5H
N2310D75 Sedan, Sub-Compact Size, Over 95 Inch Wheel Base
N2310D95 Sedan, Sub-Compact Size, Under 95 Inch Wheel Base
N2310E00 Station Wagon, Standard Size, Police Duty
N2310G00 Station Wagon, Standard Size
N2310H00 Station Wagon, Intermediate
N2310H50 Station Wagon, Compact Size
N2310H95 Station Wagon, Sub-Compact Size, Under 95 Inch Wheel Base
N2310J00 Sedan, Standard Size, Pursuit Duty, Unmarked
N2310K00 Sedan, Standard Size, Pursuit Duty, Marked
N2310LA0 Airport Apron Passenger Transfer Vehicle
N2310MAA Buses, Highway Type
N2310MAB Buses, School - Special Type, 5 to 24 Passengers
N2310MAC Buses School, Conventional Type, 25 Passenger and Up
N2310MBA Motor Homes, Standard
N2310MBB Motor Homes, Specially Equipped
N2310ZZZ Passenger Motor Vehicles, RCMP, Special Contracs (Chrysler and AMC)

Contact for this GSIN Code

There is no available contact for this GSIN code.