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SL Division - Defence Science Projects Division

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Contacts for Goods and Services Identification Number (GSIN) Codes

Contacts for GSIN Codes

Procurement Division Code
Division Name and Contact Page
Defence Science Projects Division

GSIN codes under this procurement division

Code Titlesort descending Code status
AA910300 Agriculture (R&D) Active
AH215020 Air Quality (Research) Active
B002A Animal and Fisheries Studies Active
AA415504 Aquaculture (R&D) Active
AH215024 Atmospheric Pollutants (Research) Active
AJ110700 Biology (R&D) Active
AG914510 Boiler Technology (R&D) Active
AJ111000 Chemistry (R&D) Active
AJ311500 Climatology (R&D) Active
AG914538 Cogeneration Technology (R&D) Active
AP313000 Earth Sciences (R&D) Active
AE913500 Economics (R&D) Active
AG614500 Energy Active
AG914558 Energy Efficiency Technology (R&D) Active
B206B Energy Evaluations of Buildings Active
AH115032 Environmental Assessment (R&D) Active
AH910222 Environmental Impact Study (R&D) Active
AH215000 Environmental Sciences: Air, Water Pollution and other (R&D) Active
AH115036 Environmental Standards (Research) Active
AZ110134 Equipment/Machinery-Design, Development, Modification: Science and Technology Related (R&D) Active
AJ110224 Ergonomic Study (R&D) Active
AG214562 Ethanol Fuel Technology (R&D) Active
AA415500 Fisheries (R&D) Active
AP216000 Forestry (R&D) Active
AG214566 Gas Pipeline Technology (R&D) Active
B200B Geological Studies Active
B201A Geophysical Studies Active
AP313076 Gravity Surveys Active
AJ716650 Historical Research (R&D) Active
AJ716500 Humanities and Social Sciences (R&D) Active
AG214600 Liquefied Natural Gas Fuel Technology (R&D) Active
AN117500 Medical (R&D) Active
AV718000 Mining and Metallurgy Active
AP518500 Oceanography (R&D) Active
AS918564 Remote Control Submersible Vehicle (R&D) Active
AT619624 Road Vehicle Regulations (Research) Active
AT419628 Road Vehicle Safety (Research) Active
B204A Seismological Studies Active
B102A Soil Studies Active
AT919500 Transportation (R&D) Active
AN417668 Vaccines (R&D) Active
B103A Water Quality Studies Active
AG414668 Wind Energy Systems (R&D) Active