Frequently Asked Questions about Contract History

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What is the difference between Standing Offers and Supply Arrangements (SOSA) data and Contract History?

Standing Offers and Supply Arrangements (SOSA) is open data about active standing offers and supply arrangements for goods and/or services held by pre-qualified suppliers. These are not contracts. They are non-binding agreements between the federal government and potential suppliers of goods and services. Contract History is open data about contracts awarded to suppliers by Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) since January 2009, on behalf of federal departments and agencies.

Visit the following web pages to learn more About Standing Offers, About Supply Arrangements, and contracts.

What is the difference between Contract History and Awards?

Contract History is information on contracts awarded to suppliers (including contract value) by PWGSC since January 2009, on behalf of federal departments and agencies. Contract History data is updated every month.

Awards data lists all published Government of Canada tender notices (PWGSC and other government departments and agencies) awarded to suppliers since June 1, 2013. The information is updated daily. No contract data, such as contract value, is listed in award notices.

What is a CSV file and how is it used?

A CSV file is a file format used to store tabular data in which numbers and text are stored in plain-text form so that it can be easily written and read in a text editor.

As a CSV file, Contract History open data can be imported into common desktop applications, such as Microsoft Excel, for sorting, filtering, and searching information. Read more about CSV files.

For more information

For more information about Contract History, access the Contract History Contacts page.