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Access Government of Canada Tenders by using the quick search icons below.

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  • Download Tenders information as open data (CSV) to distribute or republish on another Web site on the Download Tenders Data page.


  • Learn how to search for Government of Canada tenders on the Get Started page.

Government Buyers

Goods and Services Identification Number

Use Goods and Services Identification Number (GSIN) codes to navigate across procurement data.

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  • Download GSIN codes information as open data (CSV) on the Download GSIN Data page.
  • Learn how to use GSIN codes to find Government of Canada tenders, past contract history and find pre-qualified suppliers in the Get Started with GSIN Codes page.

Contract History

Use Contract History to find past details of contract awarded by PWGSC on behalf of federal departments and agencies since 2009, including the contract value.

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Standing Offers and Supply Arrangements

Use Standing Offers and Supply Arrangements (SOSA) to find information about businesses that are currently pre-qualified by PWGSC to supply goods and services to the Government of Canada.

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