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7.30.20. Procurement Strategy for Indigenous Business Reporting

  1. Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) ARCHIVED - Aboriginal Business Procurement Policy Performance Objectives - (Contracting Policy Notice 1996-6) sets out details of department's responsibilities with respect to developing performance objectives relating to procurements from Indigenous businesses and to develop related reporting mechanisms. The establishment of, and reporting on, annual objectives in support of the program, includes value and numbers of contracts awarded to Indigenous businesses, supplier promotion activities, and increased representation of Indigenous businesses on department source lists.
  2. Therefore, contracting officers must ensure that reporting on procurements subject to a Procurement Strategy for Indigenous Business (PSIB) set-aside is done accurately. All procurements subject to PSIB must be coded as such; in the Automated Buyer Environment (ABE), this involves clicking on "Trade Agreement" and selecting "Set-Aside Program for Aboriginal Business (SPAB)".