5.45.5. Foreign Taxes and Canadian Customs Duties

Attention! As the transition to CanadaBuys is ongoing, Supply Manual references to ABE are to be interpreted as a generic system reference only. Users of the SAP Ariba environment should adapt their activities accordingly.

Buyers are advised to consult the tools available on CanadaBuys for guidance and procedures on completing procurement transactions in the SAP Ariba environment.

  1. Customs duties must be considered in the evaluation of bids when bids are received from both Canadian-based and foreign-based bidders, since foreign-based bidders exclude duties in their bids. When rates of duties or exemption status need to be verified, the contracting officer may:
    1. obtain from the client department the information on the rate of duty applicable to the goods being imported, and add the estimated amount of duties to the price quoted by the foreign-based bidder; or
    2. verify with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) the application of customs duty to the goods being imported.
    The tariff and value administrator at the CBSA will provide a written ruling to any request for rate of duty, tariff classification, or customs value. Importers or their agents who wish a written ruling must send their request to the nearest CBSA office.
  2. Contracting officers are responsible for verifying the application of excise taxes and the amount and specific rate(s) set out in bids. Contracting officers must evaluate bids exclusive of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) or the HST, as applicable. For the list of goods on which excise tax is payable, see Annex 4.5: Goods Subject to Excise Tax.
  3. Clients may be entitled to exemption from taxes or duties. They should, in such cases, refer to a certificate of exemption or remission or drawback Order in Council. Issues relating to such remissions should be resolved between the client department and CBSA.