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4.30.30. Foreign ownership, control or influence

  1. A Foreign Ownership, Control or Influence (FOCI) evaluation must be done in all situations where a third party individual, firm or government is assumed to possess dominance of, or authority over, a Canadian facility to such a degree that a third party individual, firm or government may gain unauthorized access to extremely sensitive information (INFOSEC). A FOCI evaluation is an administrative determination of the nature and extent of foreign dominance over the contractor's management and/or operations.
  2. Requirements involving the potential release of extremely sensitive information (INFOSEC), a special category of classified Communications Electronic Security (COMSEC) information, are subject to a FOCI review by the Contract Security Program (CSP). Recommendations regarding the use of FOCI will then be submitted to the procurement directorate.
  3. Suppliers must be informed of the requirement for a FOCI evaluation in the solicitation; however, completed packages from suppliers should only be requested after the bid evaluation process has determined which supplier(s) will be awarded a contract. The material that a supplier has to provide for such an evaluation is often extensive and time consuming to provide.
  4. Contracting officers must provide two copies of the FOCI submission for the successful supplier(s) to CSP. Verification of the FOCI and the required Facility Security Clearance of the potential Canadian or United States-based supplier must be obtained from CSP before contract award.
  5. Any irregularity known to contracting officers regarding compliance with the INFOSEC access approval of the contractor involving extremely sensitive INFOSEC must be immediately reported to the Director of CSP.