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4.10.10. Invitation to Tender

  1. An Invitation to Tender (ITT) is used where selection is based on the lowest price. It should be used when all of the following criteria apply:
    1. two or more sources are considered capable of carrying out the requirement;
    2. the requirement is adequately defined to permit the evaluation of bids against clearly stated criteria;
    3. the market conditions are such that bids can be submitted on a common pricing basis;
    4. it is intended to accept the lowest-priced responsive bid without negotiations; and
    5. the evaluation of bids will exclude any Product, Resource, Operating and Contingency (PROC) costs or socio-economic considerations, other than the employment equity provisions.
  2. An ITT can be used to solicit bids:
    1. through public advertisement on the Government Electronic Tendering Service (GETS);
    2. through direct invitation of selected suppliers by means of a source list, where permitted; or
    3. by invitation of one source only if conditions for a non-competitive process have been met.
  3. Prior to issuing an ITT, contracting officers are to verify the Ineligibility and Suspension List and ensure that the invited suppliers are not ineligible, if they have not been selected from a prequalified list.
  4. An ITT must include the Integrity Provisions – Bid found in Standard Instructions 2003 or 2004.
  5. An ITT can be opened publicly. Public opening should be considered for all ITTs estimated to exceed $25,000. ITTs for requirements less than $25,000 may be opened publicly if circumstances warrant. Public openings should be considered for any bid where the contract award will have a high degree of public visibility.  
  6. See section 5.16 Integrity Compliance for details on the process to be followed before contract award.