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3.55. Industrial Security Requirements (Personnel or Organization)

Contracting officers should take into account any industrial security requirement when developing the procurement strategy and also when determining the procurement schedule. Procurement strategy and approval documents should identify the existence of any security requirements.

3.55.1 Security and Timelines


  1. Procurement schedules must take into account that the organization, personnel and physical security screening processes may take a considerable length of time. The contracting officer must provide as much lead time as possible to Canadian Industrial Security Directorate (CISD) to process organization or personnel security screenings, as well as to give time to bidders to implement security recommendations before contract award.
  2. To be proactive with security requirements and to avoid delays in the security screening process, contracting officers or client departments can sponsor possible bidders, if known, that are not registered with CISD, recommend that they complete the Request for Private Sector Organization Screening (PSOS) form and provide it to CISD ahead of time. For more information on PSOS, visit the CISD Website. Information on how to obtain the PSOS form can be found in section 4.30.10 Industrial Security in Contracts.
    Note: If foreign-based suppliers are identified by the client when issuing the requisition, the client has to contact CISD for applicable clauses. PWGSC contracting officers will also need to contact CISD prior to contract award for verification of security. If security clearances are required for foreign-based suppliers, the timeframes required to provide them could have a significant impact on the procurement schedule.
  3. Personnel Security Screening: The approximate timelines for completing a personnel security screening are as follows:
    1. Simple Reliability Status: 7 business days;
    2. Complex Reliability Status: 120 business days;
    3. Secret Clearance: 75 business days
  4. Organization Security Screening: The Industrial Security Sector does not publish a specific timeline for completing screenings such as Designated Organization Screening (DOS) or Facility Security Clearance (FSC).