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Public Services and Procurement Canada Procedures for posting an Advance Contract Award Notice

  1. Contracting officers are responsible for preparing an ACAN for publication on GETS.
  2. The ACAN notice must follow the model provided in Annex 3.3 Model content of an Advance Contract Award Notice and include the following information:
    1. An explanation of the purpose of the ACAN;
    2. A description of the requirement that is sufficiently defined so that industry can understand the government's high level requirements;
    3. The criteria against which all suppliers will be evaluated. Statements of capabilities submitted by potential suppliers will be assessed against these criteria. Information provided must be sufficient to allow other suppliers to determine if they possess the capabilities required to satisfy the requirement. The pre-identified supplier must also meet these criteria;
    4. The applicability of one or more trade agreements to the procurement for which the ACAN will be issued. See 1.25.3 Determining coverage under a trade agreement;
    5. A statement indicating if the procurement is set-aside under the Procurement Strategy for Indigenous Business;
    6. A statement indicating if the procurement is subject to one or more of the Comprehensive Land Claims Agreement;
    7. A justification for the pre-identified supplier;
    8. A statement indicating that the proposed procurement meets one or more exceptions to soliciting bids under the Government Contracts Regulations (GCRs). (see 3.15 b.);
    9. A statement indicating the exclusion(s) or the limited tendering reason(s) being invoked under the applicable trade agreement(s). Such exceptions must be fully and clearly justified in writing on the procurement file;
    10. A statement regarding ownership of intellectual property, if applicable;
    11. The period of the proposed contract or the delivery date(s), as applicable;
    12. A cost estimate of the proposed contract, where appropriate, provided that it will not prejudice negotiations with the pre-identified supplier, or compromise the supplier's competitive position if a decision is made to proceed with a competitive bidding process;
    13. The name and address of the pre-identified supplier;
    14. An explanation of how suppliers may proceed in responding to an ACAN;
    15. The closing date and time for a submission of a statement of capabilities; and
    16. The name and address of contact for inquiries and submission of statements of capabilities.
  3. When significant information not specifically set out in the ACAN becomes available or a significant clarification is required, it must be provided equally to all interested parties to ensure fairness, openness and transparency. Such information should be provided in an amended ACAN with an extension to the closing date or a new ACAN should be issued, as applicable.