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2.35. Extract Files

  1. At times it is necessary to separate a client's requirement as it will be procured by two different procurement groups. In this instance, the main contracting officer will create an extract file.
  2. The main file holder (the original contracting officer) must:
    1. procure items not extracted;
    2. control requisition funds;
    3. act as the coordinator for client enquiries;
    4. ensure that all procurement actions under extracted files are completed;
    5. record commitments on extracted items;
    6. request additional funds from the client, if required;
    7. process all invoices for payment by the client, and
    8. close the file once the procurement is complete.
  3. The extract file holder (the contracting officer who received the extract file) must:
    1. procure the assigned items;
    2. request funds from the main file holder after the total funding requirement has been identified;
    3. ensure that funds have been allotted before contract award;
    4. obtain the contract number from the main file holder before contract award, if the procurement is done outside of ABE, and
    5. forward to the main file holder copies of all contracts and amendments issued against an extract file, if the procurement is done outside of ABE.

2.35.1 Part Files


When there is a need to prepare and issue more then one solicitation on a requisition main file or on an extract file, then part files may be created for each solicitation required. When part files are created under an extract file, the extract file will be treated, for record purposes, as though it were a main file.