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10.50.5. Non-competitive Requirements of Non-commercial Goods and/or Services

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  1. For non-competitive requirements of non-commercial goods and/or services valued at $50,000 or less, a fair price may be negotiated in accordance with the guidelines for commercial goods and/or services given above, provided the data required to follow this guideline is available.
    For acquisitions from agency and resale outlets only, if the data is not available, then the guideline presented in 10.50.10 Agency and Resale Outlets - Additional Requirements should be followed.
  2. The contracting officer must request the bidder to submit an itemized breakdown of the price quoted. In the case of agency and resale outlets, the contracting officer will analyze the price breakdown in accordance with 10.50.15 Price Analysis. The depth of the analysis required will depend on the value of the requirement and the quality and completeness of the support data provided by the bidder. The cost of performing the analysis versus the potential benefit in the form of cost savings on the requirement should be taken into account.
    For more details on the bases of payment, see 4.70.20 Basis of Payment. A firm price basis of payment is generally used for contracts with agency and resale outlets.
    Contracting officers must include the price certification SACC Manual clause C0003T in non-competitive bid solicitations, for non-commercial goods and/or services with Canadian suppliers; include the discretionary audit clause C0101C in contracts, and rate certification clause C0601T in non-competitive bid solicitations for fixed time rate contracts, for non-commercial services valued at $50,000 or more, submitted by a Canadian bidder.