Status of Availability of Resources - Offer

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Legal text for SACC item

The Offeror certifies that, should it be issued a standing offer as a result of the Request for Standing Offer, every individual proposed in its offer will be available to perform the Work resulting from a call-up against the Standing Offer as required by Canada's representatives and at the time specified in a call-up or agreed to with Canada's representatives. If for reasons beyond its control, the Offeror is unable to provide the services of an individual named in its offer, the Offeror may propose a substitute with similar qualifications and experience. The Offeror must advise the Standing Offer Authority of the reason for the substitution and provide the name, qualifications and experience of the proposed replacement. For the purposes of this clause, only the following reasons will be considered as beyond the control of the Offeror: death, sickness, maternity and parental leave, retirement, resignation, dismissal for cause or termination of an agreement for default.

If the Offeror has proposed any individual who is not an employee of the Offeror, the Offeror certifies that it has the permission from that individual to propose his/her services in relation to the Work to be performed and to submit his/her résumé to Canada. The Offeror must, upon request from the Standing Offer Authority, provide a written confirmation, signed by the individual, of the permission given to the Offeror and of his/her availability. Failure to comply with the request may result in the offer being declared non-responsive.