Partial Termination for Convenience - No claim from contractor

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Legal text for SACC item

This is further to the Stop Work Order dated ________ (delete this paragraph if no Stop Work Order was sent by the Contracting Authority).

In accordance with the unrestricted right of Canada to terminate the Contract in part for convenience, the Contracting Authority notifies the Contractor that the following part of the Contract is terminated pursuant to section ______, Termination for Convenience, of general conditions ________.

(Describe the part of the contract that is terminated)

The Contractor must continue with the rest of the Work in accordance with the conditions of the Contract.

The Contractor has advised that the Contractor will make no claim against Canada as a result of this termination. The Contractor agrees to release Canada, its employees and agents from all claims and demands arising out of this termination or out of anything done or omitted to be done under the Contract.

The Contractor is requested to confirm its agreement with this termination on the above conditions by signing and returning a copy of this Notice to the Contracting Authority.

(Signature of the Contractor)