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Subsection 5.G - Insurance

The Government of Canada needs products and services in support of Canada’s response to COVID-19.

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Date Status ID Title
2013-11-06 Active G1001C Insurance – Specific Requirements (2013-11-06) G1001C
2018-06-21 Active G1003C Rigger's Liability Insurance (2018-06-21) G1003C
2016-01-28 Active G1005C Insurance - No Specific Requirement (2016-01-28) G1005C
2016-01-28 Active G1007T Insurance - Proof of Availability Prior to Contract Award (2016-01-28) G1007T
2018-06-21 Active G2001C Commercial General Liability Insurance (2018-06-21) G2001C
2018-06-21 Active G2002C Errors and Omissions Liability Insurance (2018-06-21) G2002C
2018-06-21 Active G2004C Medical Malpractice Liability Insurance (2018-06-21) G2004C
2018-06-21 Active G2020C Automobile Liability Insurance (2018-06-21) G2020C
2018-06-21 Active G2030C Aviation Liability Insurance (2018-06-21) G2030C
2018-06-21 Active G2040C Environmental Impairment Liability Insurance (2018-06-21) G2040C
2018-06-21 Active G2050C Bailee's Customer's Goods Insurance (2018-06-21) G2050C
2018-06-21 Active G2052C Warehouseman's Legal Liability Insurance (2018-06-21) G2052C
2018-06-21 Active G3001C All Risk Property Insurance (2018-06-21) G3001C
2018-06-21 Active G3002C Marine Hull Insurance (2018-06-21) G3002C
2018-06-21 Active G3003C Aircraft Hull Insurance (2018-06-21) G3003C
2018-06-21 Active G3005C Comprehensive Crime Insurance (2018-06-21) G3005C
2018-06-21 Active G3010C All Risk in Transit Insurance (2018-06-21) G3010C
2018-06-21 Active G4001C Aircraft Charter Insurance (2018-06-21) G4001C
2018-06-21 Active G5001C Ship Repairers' Liability Insurance (2018-06-21) G5001C
2018-06-21 Active G5002D Ship Repairers' Liability (2018-06-21) G5002D
2018-06-21 Active G5003C Marine liability insurance (2018-06-21) G5003C
2008-05-12 Active G6001C Vehicles - Long Term Lease (2008-05-12) G6001C
2018-06-21 Active G6002C Garage Automobile Liability Insurance (2018-06-21) G6002C
2008-05-12 Active G6005C Short Term Lease (2008-05-12) G6005C