Quality Assurance Requirements - Submarine Safety

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Legal text for SACC item

The Work described in the Contract involves submarine systems or equipment classified as First Level or otherwise critical to submarine safety, as defined in Canadian Forces Technical Order (CFTO) C-23-VIC-000/AM-001, Quality Assurance for Safety in Submarines VICTORIA Class. Manufacture, repair, overhaul, installation, inspection and tests for each such item identified in the requirement must be documented in accordance with the requirements of the above mentioned CFTO.

For each such item, the Contractor must provide a Certificate of Conformity [form DND 2513 or locally produced equivalent approved by the Quality Assurance Authority (QAA)] in accordance with this CFTO. For subcontracted work, the Contractor must obtain that Certificate of Conformity from the subcontractor. Obtaining the said certificate from a subcontractor does not relieve the Contractor from its obligation to ensure compliance with the technical requirements of the Contract, nor must it be construed as authorizing any liability on the part of Canada to the subcontractor.

For each such item, the Certificate of Conformity, along with certified true copies of any deviation, waiver and all required records identified in the Statement of Quality Requirements (form DND 2328 or equivalent) attached to the Statement of Requirement, Statement of Work or Technical Specifications in Annex ______ to the Contract or otherwise attached to or forming part of the Contract, must be completed and made available for review by the designated QAA before release of such item and associated documents to the Department of National Defence. Unless otherwise directed by the QAA, those documents must be attached to, or enclosed with, the shipment they are associated to, in a waterproof envelope.