Inspection and Acceptance

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Revision History

Date Status ID Title
2014-06-26 Active D5328C Inspection and Acceptance (2014-06-26) D5328C
2007-11-30 Superseded D5328C ARCHIVED: Inspection and Acceptance (2007-11-30) D5328C

Remarks – Recommended Use of SACC Item

Use the following clause in contracts when the technical authority or the project authority is the inspection authority.

Legal text for SACC item

The ___________ (insert "Technical" or "Project") Authority is the Inspection Authority. All reports, deliverable items, documents, goods and all services rendered under the Contract are subject to inspection by the Inspection Authority or representative. Should any report, document, good or service not be in accordance with the requirements of the Statement of Work and to the satisfaction of the Inspection Authority, as submitted, the Inspection Authority will have the right to reject it or require its correction at the sole expense of the Contractor before recommending payment.