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Project Schedule - Contract

Legal text for SACC item

  1. The Contractor must provide a detailed project schedule in __________ (insert "network", "Gantt chart", or "detailed bar chart") format to the Contracting Authority and the _______ (insert "Technical", "Project", or "Inspection") Authority _______ (insert spelled out number) (_____) (insert number) weeks after award of Contract. This schedule must highlight the specific dates for the events listed below and all items listed in Annex _____ .
  2. The Contractor's schedule must include target dates for each of the following significant events:
    1. _________;
    2. _________;
    3. _________;
    4. _________;
    5. _________;
    6. _________;
    7. _________.

(Option: Contracting officers may include the following paragraph, but are advised that any update to the Contractor's schedule would then constitute an amendment to the Contract.)

  1. The schedule is to be regularly updated and available in the Contractor's office for review by Canada's authorities to determine the progress of the Work.