Goods - Medium Complexity

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Item Information

Revision History

Date Status ID Title
2012-07-16 Active 4011 Goods - Medium Complexity (2012-07-16) 4011

Remarks – Recommended Use of SACC Item

Use the following supplemental general conditions in contracts for medium complexity competitive and non-competitive requirements for professional services when a portion of the work is for goods.

Use in conjunction with general conditions 2010B. Do not use with 2029, 2010A, 2010C, 2030, 2035 or 2040.

Legal text for SACC item

4011 01 (2012-07-16) Condition of Material

Unless provided otherwise in the Contract, material supplied must be new and conform to the latest issue of the applicable drawing, specifications and part number that is in effect on the bid closing date or, if there was no bid solicitation, the date of the Contract.

4011 02 (2012-07-16) Warranty

  1. Despite inspection and acceptance of the Work by or on behalf of Canada and without restricting any provisions of the Contract or any condition, warranty or provision imposed by law, the Contractor, if requested by Canada to do so, must replace, repair or correct, at its own option and expense any work that becomes defective or fails to conform to the requirements of the Contract, where applicable. The warranty period will be twelve (12) months after delivery and acceptance of the Work or the length of the Contractor's or manufacturer's standard warranty period, whichever is longer.
  2. Canada must pay the transportation cost associated with returning the Work or any part of the Work to the Contractor's plant for replacement, repair or making good, and the Contractor must pay the transportation cost associated with forwarding the replacement or returning the Work or part of the Work when rectified to the delivery point specified in the Contract or to another location as directed by Canada. If, in the opinion of Canada, it is not expedient to remove the Work from its location, the Contractor must carry out any necessary repair or making good of the Work at that location and will be reimbursed its reasonable travel and living expenses.
  3. The warranty period is automatically extended by the duration of any period or periods where the Work is unavailable for use or cannot be used because of a defect or non-conformance during the original warranty period. The warranty applies to any part of the Work replaced, repaired or corrected pursuant to subsection 1, for the greater of:
    1. the warranty period remaining, including the extension, or
    2. ninety (90) days or such other period as may be specified for that purpose by agreement between the Parties.

4011 03 (2012-07-16) Shipment Documentation

For the shipment of goods, the transportation bill of lading must accompany the original invoice, except for "collect" shipments (if and when stipulated), in which event it must accompany the shipment. In addition, a packing slip must accompany each shipment, showing item, quantity, part or reference numbers, description of the goods and contract number, including the CRN and PBN. If the goods have been inspected at the Contractor's plant, the signed inspection voucher must be attached to the packing slip normally enclosed in the packing note envelope.

4011 04 (2012-07-16) Ownership

  1. Unless provided otherwise in the Contract, the Work or any part of the Work belongs to Canada after delivery and acceptance by or on behalf of Canada.
  2. However if any payment is made to the Contractor for or on account of any work, either by way of progress or milestone payments, that work paid for by Canada belongs to Canada upon such payment being made. This transfer of ownership does not constitute acceptance by Canada of the Work or any part of the Work and does not relieve the Contractor of its obligation to perform the Work in accordance with the Contract.
  3. Despite any transfer of ownership, the Contractor is responsible for any loss or damage to the Work or any part of the Work until it is delivered to Canada in accordance with the Contract. Even after delivery, the Contractor remains responsible for any loss or damage to any part of the Work caused by the Contractor or any subcontractor.
  4. Upon transfer of ownership to the Work or any part of the Work to Canada, the Contractor must, if requested by Canada, establish to Canada's satisfaction that the title is free and clear of all claims, liens, attachments, charges or encumbrances. The Contractor must execute any conveyances and other instruments necessary to perfect the title that Canada may require.