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Government of Canada procurement activities are principally carried out pursuant to a governing framework comprised of:

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April 4, 2016 – Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) has made updates to the Ineligibility and Suspension Policy and the Integrity Provisions that make up the government-wide Integrity Regime for procurement and real property transactions, through Policy Notification (PN) 107R2. While there have been no changes to the Regime itself, the Policy and clauses have been simplified in response to feedback from the supplier community. In addition, the Policy is now incorporated by reference into the contracts. These updates take effect immediately, however all active tenders remain unchanged. The following provides more information on these changes:

  • Policy Notification – 107R2 – Updated Integrity Regime – Through PN-107R2 PSPC is updating the Integrity Provisions surrounding its procurement and real property transactions to address certain concerns expressed by our supplier community. PN-107R2 provides information about the changes to the Integrity Regime, and how these changes impact the Standard Acquisition Clauses and Conditions (SACC), the Standard Procurement Templates and the Supply Manual. The current Supply Manual – version 2016-2, effective date 2016-04-04 reflects the impact of these most recent changes to the Integrity Regime.
  • Standard Acquisition Clauses and Conditions (SACC) Synopsis – Version 2016-2 – for additional details concerning the revisions to the SACC Manual and Standard Procurement Templates.