The Government of Canada needs products and services in support of Canada’s response to COVID-19.

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The Government of Canada (GC) is launching a new electronic procurement solution (EPS).

This application will allow clients (businesses, government departments & agencies, private sector agencies, etc.) to easily buy various goods and services completely through the use of the Internet, on a single platform, instead of using heavily paper-based, complex, and time-consuming processes.

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Context and background

The current business process supporting the Government of Canada’s (GC) procurement is in large part paper-based and administratively burdensome. The electronic procurement solution will change the way the government and suppliers interact to buy and sell goods and services. The electronic procurement solution will modernize GC procurement practices to make them more accessible, encourage greater competition and ensure they support our economic policy goals, including innovation and support for our small and medium-sized enterprises.

Why is there a need for a solution?

An electronic procurement solution EPS will allow the government of Canada to:

  • Implement a self-service tool for suppliers, which provides them with more autonomy to navigate through bidding opportunities and make changes to their own business profile when required;
  • Achieve better value for Canadians through improved procurement outcomes;
  • Improve client service by providing easy, web-based access to procurement information and services to federal departments and agencies;
  • Manage government spending with an integrated approach; and
  • Provide new tools, technology and processes to procurement professionals in order for them to deliver effective client services.

Powered by two industry-leading applications

The Government of Canada’s EPS will be powered by a combination of industry-leading SAP applications: Ariba and Fieldglass. Both Ariba and Fieldglass are used globally by both private and public sector organizations.

There will be no cost for suppliers

The Government of Canada is covering the Ariba supplier transaction fees under its contract with Infosys Public Services Inc (IPS).

Supplier onboarding begins in 2020

The onboarding of suppliers to the EPS will follow a phased approach, with an initial round of suppliers being invited to register and onboard in 2020. Details of the onboarding approach for suppliers will be shared as they become available.

All Canadian suppliers must use a Business Number (BN)

With the implementation of EPS, all Canadian suppliers will be required to use a valid Business Number (BN) from the Canada Revenue Agency in order to do business with the Government of Canada. Moving to the use of BNs will ensure consistency in supplier information and data.

For privacy reasons, we will no longer permit suppliers to use their Social Insurance Number (SIN) as an alternative to the BN.

An open and fair procurement process

The EPS procurement process was open to all interested suppliers and was conducted in a fair, open and transparent way. Infosys Public Services Inc. (IPS), and its subcontractors Ernst & Young LLP (EY) and SAP SE (SAP), was awarded the contract as it was the highest ranked bidder based on multiple criteria.