Resources for Green Procurement

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Resources developed by the Green Procurement Team of PWGSC

  • Green Language Repertoire (PDF 527 KB) - (Help on File Formats): A resource intended for government procurement specialists to access a compilation of exact wording related to environmental considerations. Wording is taken from existing and past bid solicitation documents such as Requests for Standing Offers, Requests for Supply Arrangements and Requests for Proposals. These extracts are helpful when developing mandatory evaluation criteria, rated criteria, clauses and conditions, statements of work, specifications and standards, and surveys.
  • Green Procurement Community page on GCpedia: A resource intended for and accessible only to government departments and agencies. Resources available include webinars and presentations on how to buy green goods and services.
  • Green Procurement Plans and Guide to Completion: A resource intended for government buyers to understand how green procurement research is being conducted and how it’s applied to the procurement process. Includes links to the questionnaire and the scorecard templates for goods and services.
  • Green Scorecards for Goods and Services: A resource intended for suppliers and government buyers. Consult Green Scorecards to understand what environmental considerations are included for selected goods and services.
  • Step-by-Step: How to buy green: A tool that guides government buyers through each of these phases for a category of goods while identifying relevant environmental considerations at each phase.

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