Industry Days about Aids to Navigation (AtoN) Program and discussion on innovations and opportunities

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December 12, 2019 - Ottawa – Interested suppliers are invited to participate in information and engagement sessions over two days that will be hosted by Public Services and Procurement Canada's Marine Emergency Response Division, Marine Services and Small Vessel Sector, in collaboration with Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) Marine and Civil Infrastructure Directorate and the Office of Small and Medium Enterprises (OSME). The sessions will be held on January 21 and 22, 2020 in Gatineau, Québec. The first day will consist of an information session and will be accessible in-person or through WebEx. The second day will consist of Government to Business in-person one-on-one sessions.

The Industry Days will:

  • Inform about the CCG Aids to Navigation (AtoN) program
  • Provide the marine industry with information on how to understand and better respond to the Requests for Proposal (RFP) process
  • Initiate discussions with the marine industry on the procurement process for AtoN
  • Present the regional and procurement challenges
  • Present the innovation challenges to industry
  • Respond to questions submitted by participants when registering for the Industry Days
  • Inform the marine industry about upcoming bid opportunities

Interested suppliers can participate in person or via WebEx.

How to participate

To attend the Industry Day sessions, please fill out the online registration form by January 17, 2020. Participants will receive a confirmation of their registration and details soon after registering.

The CCG is also interested in obtaining industry feedback in key areas. All interested parties are invited to complete our online our online questionnaire.

For more information

For additional information regarding the Industry Days, please consult the Letter of Interest.

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