GSIN goods and services codes now mapped to UNSPSC classification system

7 June, 2016 - Gatineau – Download the open data file mapping our current goods and services codes to the replacement system of codes (coming in 2017). The open data file bridges active Goods and Services Identification Number (GSIN) codes to their United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC) equivalent.

The UNSPSC is an international classification system for procurement items that uses plain language and better reflects today’s industry. For example:

  • Projectors, photographic, motion analyzer motion (GSIN code: N6730BBA) becomes Video projectors (UNSPSC code: 45111616)
  • Rotary wing aircraft – Helicopter charter (GSIN Code: V201B) becomes Helicopter Services (UNSPSC code: 78111503)

Download UNSPSC data to discover how the GSIN for your good or service maps over to this new classification system.

UNSPSC implementation timeline

As part of Treasury Board’s Data Standard on Classification of Procurement Items, the UNSPSC classification system will replace the Government of Canada’s GSIN codes in 2017. Learn more about UNSPSC.

How are goods and services codes used?

The goods and services codes are generic product descriptions and connect all of our procurement data, including Tenders (and Awards), Contract History, and Standing Offers and Supply Arrangements. The codes can be a handy way to filter your search to the goods and services you supply. Learn more on Get started with GSIN codes.


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