GC e-Procurement Solution

July 4, 2018 – Gatineau - On July 4, 2018, we announced that the contract for the e-Procurement Solution (EPS) has been awarded and work is now underway to kick-off the project.

Through engagement and small and medium enterprises studies, suppliers have told us to make opportunities easier to find, simpler to navigate and faster to award, with less administrative burden.

With this best-in-class EPS, we will modernize the Government of Canada procurement function with a user-friendly platform that will allow more suppliers to connect with Government, and make government procurement opportunities more accessible to potential suppliers, regardless of size or geographic location.

PSPC will engage with suppliers, as well as with other key stakeholders, during the design, testing and implementation of EPS to ensure modernized procurement services and systems meet the needs of all users. A phased implementation of EPS within PSPC is expected to start in the summer/fall of 2019.

Information will be shared as it becomes available, such as onboarding timelines and details on how to participate.

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Please note: This news item has been modified in French only on July 6, 2018, to correct a typo in the text.