Getting Paid

PWGSC`s New Government-wide Integrity Regime Takes Effect Immediately – Active PWGSC issued tender notices that are closing July 3rd, and from July 6th to July 10th, will have their closing dates extended. To find the new closing dates, please check the individual tender you are following. You may also click the Amended Today icon and look for tender notices where PWGSC is the procurement entity. To learn more, please read New PWGSC Implementation of Government-wide Integrity Regime Announced on July 3, 2015.

The government’s policy as established by Treasury Board is to pay within 30 days, from the time "an invoice is received or the goods or services are accepted, whichever is later". A department is also required to pay interest on any amount that is paid late unless they notify you within 15 days of a problem with the invoice, the goods or services.

Late payment

If you do not receive the money owed after 30 days, whether it is the invoiced amount or the interest, it may be helpful to contact the client. If you have no success, it may also be helpful to contact the contracting officer.

In the event that a payment is late, the interest amount owing is calculated in accordance with the Treasury Board Directive on Payment Requisition and Cheque Control and the Receiver General Payment on Due Date (PODD) Interest Rate.

Request payment by direct deposit

The Government of Canada is phasing out federal government cheques by April 2016. Businesses that supply goods and services to the Government of Canada will need to enrol in direct deposit for accounts payable, as well as for grants and contributions. Read more about direct deposit enrolment.