UnPacking PAC: Registering as a Supplier to sell to the Federal Government

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Virtual drop-in sessions to meet specialists from Procurement Assistance Canada and go through our decks.

It’s 2023 and we are introducing our new series ‘UnPACking PAC’!

Join for a few minutes, or stay for the whole session, as we go through each of our presentation decks in this six part series.

The order of our six part series will be as follows:

Week 1: Myth Busting Federal Government Procurement
Are you interested in selling your goods and services to the federal government? Did you know that close to 90% of contracts are under $25,000 and go to small and medium enterprises?
Please join this webinar as we myth bust federal government procurement processes and opportunities.

Week 2: Registering as a Supplier to sell to the Federal Government
Are you a registered supplier? Do you have your PBN? If not, come join us to learn about the benefits and processes to get on the Supplier Registration Information database.
Bring your legal business name and your CRA Business Number/GST Number and follow along to complete the registration. We will also cover GSIN codes to improve your profile.

Week 3: Finding Opportunities to Sell to Federal Government
Does the government buy what you sell? Are their direct contracting opportunities? Can you company fit into the supply chain?
Please join us to learn how to find opportunities using the various tools and data sources available for suppliers.

Week 4: Bidding on Federal Government Tenders
Are you interested in bidding on federal government opportunities? Would you like to walk through a tender document to understand the structure, processes and language?
Please join us as we dive deep into the tender document language and share best practices for submitting a bid.

Week 5: DND IDEaS Program
Are you an innovator? An entrepreneur? A researcher? Someone who simply has interesting solutions to challenges?
The DND IDEaS program is a $1.6B, 20 year program to solve defence and security challenges for Department of National Defence.
Please join us to learn more about this unprecedented program and the potential opportunities.

Week 6: Introduction to CanadaBuys
If you miss one of the sessions, do not worry this is a reoccurring series!

Pick one Wednesday, or many, and learn more about federal procurement!
See you soon!

Wed, 02/01/2023 - 13:00 to Wed, 03/01/2023 - 14:00
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