Defence and security procurement NATO and Canada (seminar/webinar)

The Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Pacific Region and Small Business BC (SBBC) are presenting an information session taking place on March 5th at 10:30-12:00 PST. This bilingual session aims to help you to seize business opportunities related to Defence and Security procurements from the Canadian government and NATO.

Educate your Company about doing business with NATO!

Are you making the most of the various opportunities for Canadian companies to supply for upcoming NATO procurements? NATO procures annually more than $8Bn of goods and services. Canada, as a NATO member state has privileged access to this market. This session is designed to educate and inform you about the business environment, promoting new opportunities, and explain submission details.

This presentation will be offered by Canadian Country Liaison Officer L. Col. Martin Bédard from Luxembourg.

The NSPA’s mission is to provide responsive, effective, and cost-efficient acquisitions. The NSPA is the executive body of the NATO Support and Procurement Organization (NSPO), of which all 29 NATO nations are members. Those nations work to direct and control the activities of the NSPA, which employs 1100 staff and is headquartered in Luxembourg (Capellan).

How to take advantage of other business opportunities related to Defence and Security’s procurements ?

The Government of Canada purchases billions of dollars worth of defence and security related goods and services each year. Is this a market for your business?

This presentation provides key information to help you sell in the defence and security marketplace on:

  • Defence and security procurement
  • The Defence Procurement Strategy
  • The key players
  • The entry points for small and medium enterprises participation
  • How to prepare your business
  • How to stay aware of defence and security projects and timelines
  • Where to find help

You are sincerely invited to join us in Vancouver or by videoconference.

For assistance, please contact the Pacific Regional Office of Small and Medium Enterprises toll free at 1-866-602-0403 or by email at

Waterfront Station, 601 West Cordova Street - or – webinar
Tue, 03/05/2019 - 10:30 to 12:00
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