Bidding on contracts involving controlled goods: what you need to know

April 30, 2018 - Gatineau – Are you interested in bidding on contracts involving goods that include components or technical data that have military or national security significance? These are considered controlled goods and are regulated by federal law.

Individuals and organizations are required to register in the Controlled Goods Program if they need to examine, possess or transfer controlled goods. The Controlled Goods Program is managed by Public Services and Procurement Canada, which also helps companies achieve and maintain compliance with the requirements.

Learn more about controlled goods, how they are regulated and what this means for you or your organization, on the What are controlled goods page :

  • See the definition of controlled goods.
  • Find out details about How controlled goods are safeguarded in Canada

Read the page Register in the Controlled Goods Program for more information on the registration process, including all the steps to follow.

For more information or questions

For general enquiries about controlled goods and the program, please Contact the Controlled Goods Program.

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