Attention suppliers: some Public Services and Procurement Canada tender notices were published with documents that cannot be opened

May 18, 2017 - Gatineau - Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) accidentally published several tender notices on that contain unnecessary attachments that cannot be opened.

Affected tender notices

The following is a list of active tender notices published on that contain the unnecessary attachments:

  • PW-$PWU-004-11071
  • PW-$$PR-705-72854
  • PW-$MTC-410-14336
  • PW-$$FG-350-72855
  • PW-$PWU-066-11070
  • PW-$PWU-183-11069
  • PW-$XLV-242-7217
  • PW-$STN-201-4981
  • PW-$PWY-026-8052
  • PW-$KIN-508-7194
  • PW-$PWD-013-6819
  • PW-$PWZ-202-10211
  • PW-$WPG-115-10212
  • PW-$PWB-007-4124
  • PW-$BAL-001-17109
  • PW-$HAL-321-10108
  • PW-$PET-906-1419
  • PW-$PWA-110-5571
  • PW-$MTA-160-14338
  • PW-$NCS-011-11046
  • PW-$PWY-022-8053
  • PW-$PWZ-017-10214
  • PW-$TOR-031-7306
  • PW-$PWY-028-8054
  • PW-$MTB-739-14341
  • PW-$$PQ-985-72872
  • PW-$PWL-037-2290
  • PW-$NCS-013-11082

An administrative clean-up is under way

The affected tender notices will have the unnecessary files removed, and amendments will be issued shortly.

Thank you for your patience during this administrative clean-up. We will advise you once PSPC has adjusted all affected tender notices.

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