How to sign into SOSA App using a myKEY or Smart Card

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In order to access the SOSA App, you need to register for a GCAccount using your myKEY or Smart Card. If you already have a SOSA App account as a Government buyer or FPT user, you do not need to register.

Note: You must use Internet Explorer as a browser with Java enabled.

Steps to register for a SOSA App GCAccount:

  1. Navigate to SOSA App on
    Screenshot navigation to SOSA App on

  2. Click “Access the SOSA App” on the Standing Offers and Supply Arrangements page:
    Screenshot of SOSA App landing page

  3. Click “Sign in with myKEY or Smart Card”:
    Screenshot of account login sign in with myKEY or Smart Card

  4. a) If using a myKEY, click "Browse" and locate your myKEY file (.EPF) and enter your myKEY password. You may experience a short freeze as Java loads:

    Note: Please contact your IT Service Desk or use the myKEY help on the left side of the page if you have issues with your myKEY login.

    Screenshot of myKEY login browse

    b) If using a Smart Card, click "Secure Token or Smart Card Login" or "login using a Secure Token or Smart Card".

    Screenshot of Smart Card login

  5. a) Click "Submit". You may encounter some wait time:
    Screenshot of myKEY login submit

  6. You will see the login success page. Click "Continue":
    Screenshot of myKey success login

  7. After your myKEY sign in, you must create a GC Account. Enter your GC email address and click “Send validation email”:
    Screenshot of GC Account email entry

  8. Check you GC email for “ Accounts email validation” and click the email validation link. Ensure that you are opening the link in Internet Explorer with Java enabled.
    Screenshot of validation email

  9. You will see the account creation page. Check the personal information collection box, create a password and security questions, and enter in your Contact Information, Preferred language and Organization. Click “Create Account”:
    Screenshot of account creation page

    Screenshot of account creation page

    Screenshot of account creation page

  10. You now have a GC Account. Use this account whenever you access SOSA App.
    Screenshot of Manage your account

  11. In order to view Standing Offers and Supply Arrangements, you must navigate back to SOSA App while signed in:
    Screenshot navigation to SOSA App on

    Screenshot of SOSA App landing page

  12. You now have access to the SOSA App. You will need to log in again if your myKEY session expires.
    Screenshot of SOSA App My Agreements