Accounts Frequently Asked Questions

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Important: Accounts is only accessible to federal government employees, and only to federal departments,agencies and crown corporations. Accounts is not used by businesses or the public.

Table of Contents

I do not have access to a secure web application - why?

There could be several reasons why you cannot access a secure web application such as TMA.

  • You are not a registered user: If you attempt to sign in to a secure web application such as TMA without having first registered, you will be prompted by the service to create a account.
  • You may not have the correct user roles assigned to your account: You may have a registered account, but were not assigned the correct user roles and permissions. Each secure web application requires specific user roles. You must contact your assigned member of the Account Managers for Government Buyers.
  • You are not authorized to use the web application: Accounts and the associated web applications are only intended for use by federal government employees and not by businesses and the public.

If you have further questions about Accounts, please Contact Us.

How do I change my account contact information?

You must sign in to Accounts. Your contact information (such as address and phone) is managed by Accounts on behalf of all of the applications that you are authorized to use. Click on the link formed by your name (upper right corner of the screen) to get to the account management pages. You can make changes there.

I cannot change my name, department, or email address - why?

To sign in to, you must use your Government of Canada approved PKI credentials, such as myKEY. Your myKEY credentials include your name and department – they cannot be changed unless you obtain a new myKEY. Accounts associates your government email address (private email addresses are not permitted) with the name and department that myKEY provides. The only way to change your email address is to create a new account.

What can a account manager do?

A account manager can assign and revoke various roles to users in their own department or agency. A account manager can only assign or revoke roles for applications (such as the Tender Management Application) that are used within their own department or agency. The Handbook for Account Managers is available to account managers when they sign in to Accounts.

Who can help me with my questions?

If you have questions about Accounts, please contact your assigned member of the Account Managers for Government Buyers.

If you still haven’t found what you are looking for, you may call the national InfoLine at 1-800-811-1148. The line is staffed Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00 Eastern Standard/Daylight time. You may also send your questions via our Web form found on the Contact Us page.